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| [[evsdropr]] is Tito (Timothy Thomas Taylor). || The [ article] at [[]] seems to support this theory. || {{plus}} Tito has the motives.<br />
| [[evsdropr]] is Tito (Timothy Thomas Taylor). || The [ article] at [[]] seems to support this theory. || {{plus}} Tito has the motives.<br />
{{minus}}The content of [[]] is largely written by fans, and much of the site has no canonical basis.
{{minus}}The content of [[]] is largely written by fans, and much of the site has no canonical basis.

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The following fan theories are about Evs Dropper.

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Theory Citations Notes
evsdropr is Tito (Timothy Thomas Taylor). The article at seems to support this theory. + Tito has the motives.

- The content of is largely written by fans, and much of the site has no canonical basis.

evsdropr is Devin. None. + He shoots Cushing, who seemed to know who evsdropr is.

+ He was watching Donna.
- An evolved human was killing agents and Devin does not have a power.
+ He may secretly have a power.
- Devin is dead.

evsdropr is really Claude. Cushing remarks that evs is "always watching." + His power of invisibility would make it very easy for him to spy on people.

+ Claude has every reason to want to take down the Company.
- Before Claude leaves Peter he said "I do what I always do: disappear." It seems unlikely that Claude will take down the company as he only wants to hide from them.

evsdropr is really Molly. Cushing remarks that evs is "always watching." + Her power of clairvoyance would make it very easy for her to spy on people.

- Molly is very young and likely does not have the skills to organize espionage operations against the Company.

evsdropr has the same or a similar power to Donna Dunlap. Cushing remarks that evs is "always watching." - This is probably a metaphor.
evsdropr is Isaac Mendez. Cushing remarks that evs is "always watching." + Isaac's ability to see the future could allow him to watch anyone he wants, and he knows first hand the dangers of the Company.

- Isaac is dead.
+ Isaac could be altering the present through messages he left a partner before his death.
- The Company was employing Isaac by purchasing his artwork.
+ Isaac may blame the Company for Simone's death.

evsdropr is Angela Petrelli. None. + Angela Petrelli's ability is unknown, and may afford her the ability to be "always watching".
+ Angela may resent the Company for her husband's death.
evsdropr is Richard Drucker. None. + Both wished to take the Company down.

- Drucker is dead.
+ Drucker could only be living in an ethereal form like Hana.

- Drucker was killed in his ethereal form too. (The End of Hana and Drucker)

+ Drucker and Hana may have joined into a new entity that was uploaded into the Company's mainframe along with the rest of Matt Neuenberg's memory.

evsdropr is or has employed Rollo Fusor's accomplice. Jamie Wu's dead body looked like it was very much decomposed. + Gael Cruz, Thompson, Jr. and Devin were unlikely to be able to tell the difference between the effects of dehydration and corrosive fluid generation on a dead body.
- It could just be that Jamie was killed a long time ago, or it could be someone else with one of those powers.

It is confirmed that Claude falsified his report.

evsdropr works for the organization that hired Linda Tavara. None. + The organization that hired Linda appears to all about locating, capturing, and studying evolved humans just like the Company. They may not want competition in working with evolved humans so they may have gotten evsdropr to help take down the Company.
evsdropr is Noah Bennet. None. + Nobody wants to take down the Company more than Bennet.

+ Of all the main characters, Bennet was the most connected to Hana Gitelman, which would explain how he was able to take over her
+ Every piece of information evsdropr gave Donna is information Bennet would know.
- evsdropr arranges for Donna Dunlap to be placed next to Bennet when he is recovering from being shot; presumably this would have been difficult for Bennet to arrange if he'd been held in Company custody and only recently healed from the wound, but the graphic novels have also not been consistent with the television timeline.
+ The name evs dropper implies that the person eavesdrops on people within the company, and Bennet is around the company agents involved in the evsdropr plotline all the time.

evsdropr is Maury Parkman. None. + Maury wished to take down the company as well.

+ Cushing actually used his power and killed the female agent, but he doesn't remember that he did it, it make sense that Maury took him under control with his power, and ordered him to kill the agent.
+ In Trust Issues, Part 1, Thompson Jr. mentioned that only human agents of the company were killed. We also know that Maury works with Adam, who believes in the survival of evolved humans and the death of normal humans.
+ evsdropr seems to know a lot on the company, Maury was a superior of the company in the past.
+ Maury could got have escaped Matt's Trap (in his head), though it might have taken him a lot of time.

evsdropr is Mr. Muggles. None. + No one suspects him.

- The thought that Mr. Muggles is anything more than a dog is completely ridiculous.
+ That's what he wants us to think.
+ It could be a well trained shape shifter.

evsdropr has the power of omnipresence. None. + He seems to know about everything that happens involving the Company, and knew where Donna had thrown her phone.
evsdropr is Linda Tavara. None. + She suddenly appears and they told us their story to later dissapear.

+ Evsdropr is, supposedly, killing evolved humans, which she may do to gain other powers.
- Linderman killed Linda.

evsdropr is Connie Logan. None. + Connie has a big enough ego to believe she could take on the Company herself.

+ Connie's ability may afford her one or more dopplegangers of herself, thus allowing herself to seemingly be in more than one place at a time.
+ Connie could easily get around any fingerprint and retinal-scan protection the Company had in place.

- Connie cannot alter her own face.

- Connie has no motive for going against the Company.

+ Connie is Evs Dropper according to novel 101.
evsdropr is the bartender of the Company watering hole. None. + The bartender is in perfect position to eavesdrop on Company agents and be away from Company HQ for large amounts of time.

+ The bartender is unlikely to have been screened by the Company.
Not much is known about the bartender.

evsdropr is or is working with Julien Dumont. None. + As coordinator for the Company's missions, Julien is in prime position to know what goes on at the Company.

+ Julien's ability to self-replicate gives him the manpower needed to fight against the Company and the ability to pull off evsdropr's seeming omnipresence.

- The end of Root and Branch, Part 2 suggests that all of Julien's replications are monitored by the Company.
+ If Julien's ability is the same as Evan's, then even his clones can create more clones.
evsdropr is Brian. Brian writes in his blog that he wants to find out who ruined his life and vows revenge. + Brian is intelligent enough to hack into the company's records and find all the information he needs. With his computer intelligence he could easily have arranged to have Donna moved next to Mr. Bennet by changing computer records.

+ Evsdropr's actions resemble someone who seeks revenge by causing everyone within the company to distrust each other thus effectively ruining the Company.
- In one of his/her messages, Evsdropr says Brian knows nothing and tells people not to listen to him.

+ This could be Brian's way of clearing himself from suspicion.
evsdropr is the one who shot Nathan. None. + He appears to wear the same outfit.

+ He has a lot of inside information.
- Evsdropr appears to be someone who wants to bring down the Company and shooting Nathan would've been counterproductive to his efforts.

Unless it didn't fit into his plan. Evs could have a plan that involves taking out the company with one fell swoop, and Nathan's revelation could undo his planning, causing the company to become paranoid, while simultaneously changing the order of things in a way that the company can still recover from.
evsdropr is Kelly Shoemaker. None. + Kelly's whereabouts since Linderman's failed plan to subvert the election electronically are unknown. She could be working for the Company.

+ Evsdropr planted a trojan virus in the Company's system to allow viewers of a blog access to the Company's agent transmissions. This is something Kelly would be skilled at doing.

evsdropr is West. None. - According to his interview, evsdropr is working for the Company.
+ West likes to watch people from above, and can fly to many places without being noticed.
evsdropr is Ryan Covington. None. - According to his interview, evsdropr is working for the Company.

- Pieces of Me was based on a fan-submitted dream and was written probably only as a filler due to the writer's strike.

evsdropr is RyanGibsonStewart. None. + Ryan said, "I got an email from evsdropr yesterday—I'll keep it confidential how I know it's Evs and not a fake or an imposter."

+ Ryan has the ability to easily contact NBC and pull this off.
+ He is a sneaky fellow.
+ RGS owns both a nightclub and a Paris hotel.
- RGS has no known connection to the Company.

- That's what they want you to know.
evsdropr is Gael Cruz. None. + On July 10, 2008, evsdropr sends a message revealing that he intends to create what he calls a "Kill Squad". Some time later (as told in The Kill Squad, Part 3) Gael assigns Sean Fallon as the leader of a new, secret, group, firmly instructing him to call it the Kill Squad. Gael also orders Fallon to "report to me, and me alone". And, finally, Fallon is the perfect match for evsdropr's ideal Kill Squad leader, as described by him in the July 10 message.

+ Gael is a high ranking Company official, just as evsdropr is supposed to be.

- In "Berlin", The German, supposedly acting on the evsdropr's orders, attacks Gael, nearly killing him, before Bianca and Devin interfere.

evsdropr is just an overlooked season one minor character that will gain sudden importance. None. + Something similar happened with the members of the Kill Squad.
evsdropr is Thompson Jr.. None. + Perhaps he became a little pissed off after the death of his dad or maybe he was brought into the Company against his will...

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