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Theory:Evs Dropper

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The following fan theories are about Evs Dropper.

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Theory Citations Notes
evsdropr has employed Rollo Fusor's accomplice. Jamie Wu's dead body looked like it was very much decomposed. + Gael Cruz, Thompson, Jr. and Devin were unlikely to be able to tell the difference between the effects of dehydration and corrosive fluid generation on a dead body.
- It could just be that Jamie was killed a long time ago, or it could be someone else with one of those powers.

It is confirmed that Claude falsified his report.

evsdropr works for the organization that hired Linda Tavara. None. + The organization that hired Linda appears to all about locating, capturing, and studying evolved humans just like the Company. They may not want competition in working with evolved humans so they may have gotten evsdropr to help take down the Company.
evsdropr is the one who shot Nathan. None. + He appears to wear the same outfit.

+ He has a lot of inside information.
- Evsdropr appears to be someone who wants to bring down the Company and shooting Nathan would've been counterproductive to his efforts.

Unless it didn't fit into his plan. Evs could have a plan that involves taking out the company with one fell swoop, and Nathan's revelation could undo his planning, causing the company to become paranoid, while simultaneously changing the order of things in a way that the company can still recover from.

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