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Theory:Leona Mills

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The following fan theories are about Leona Mills.

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Theory Citations Notes
Susan is actually Leona under an alias. None + Angela said that she was friends with Leona as young girls. (The Recruit, Part 4: )

+ Angela also knew Susan, as they were both Company founders.
- Susan is listed as deceased.

+ Until a little while ago, so was Leona.
- Susan has yet to be revealed alive, under an alias or in any other way alive.
+ Leona has had many aliases.
+ She resembles the actress whom plays Leona.
Leona killed Rachel's father. None + Her father has never been seen nor mentioned.

+ She might have accidentally drained the life from him.
+ It is not inconceivable as a soldier, he might have been abusive and Leona killed him in self defense.

Leona met the founders in 1963. None + There was a black haired girl dancing with Bob.

- Leona has blond hair.
+ She can dye her hair.
- She is too old.
+ She has the power of age transferal.

- Leona says that she has to "transfer" age to herself constantly.

+ Angela said she knew Leona since they were girls. They'd both be 18 in 1963.

- Leona's birth date is unknown.

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