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Theory:Little Miss Goldenrod

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The following fan theories are about Little Miss Goldenrod.

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Theory Citations Notes
Little Miss Goldenrod's ability is actually duplicating the properties of metals. None + If Little Miss Goldenrod's ability only allowed her to turn into gold (an extremely soft metal), she could easily be killed.
- Doesn't mean she can't have this ability.
+ A person with an ability which makes them more susceptible to harm than a normal person would be removed from the gene pool very, very quickly.
- She might be immune to this otherwise more harmful effects, such as becoming more breakable. In fact, said breaking ability could be useful, similar to how Tracy become water when slashed by Edgar or shot by Eli, if LMG ever becomes gold on instinct.
+ Gold isn't brittle; it is, however, very malleable. If someone punched her while she was using her ability (or if she accidentally tripped or bumped into something), it would make a dent or ding in her body. If she tried to turn back, the alteration to her form would likely become permanent. This could easily deform internal organs (imagine a kidney with a five-knuckle imprint in it).
- Or it could "undent" back to its original shape. As a malleable material, it can be reshaped again, it could be a characteristic of the ability meant to protect her from its harmful effects.
+ No, it can't. Unless Little Miss Goldenrod keeps a high-quality jeweler's kit (and has an unbelievably high pain threshold), fixing even a minor dent would be difficult at best.
- It could be a part of her ability. In an X-Men analogy, Iceman once suffered an injury which shattered and cracked part of his chest while in ice form. He feared what would happen if he returned to his normal, flesh and blood self. Once he did, the injury was gone, as if the process which turned him in ice and back to flesh "healed" the injury, for lack of a better term.
+ In another instance, Colossus (while in his metal form) was superheated by Pyro, then doused in liquid nitrogen; he was turned into a badly cracked/weathered statue. In order to save him, the X-Men had to get one of the Morlocks to help, who healed Piotr as he transitioned back into his original shape (fixing the massive injuries the cracks "translated" into before he could die from them).
+ If the substance she turns into is durable enough to withstand attacks, then she wouldn't be able to sell her hair as gold; it would be written off as some sort of counterfeit.
- It could also be more valuable than regular gold. It's gold and it is more resistant. It could be a gold alloy.
+ If someone tries to sell a lump of metal that looks like gold, yet is too durable to be gold, it is more likely that that person is a con artist than it being an unheard of gold alloy, which is very valuable.
Gold alloys do exist, and are widely used for many purposes, and gold readily makes alloys with other metals. It's not so unreasonable for a gold alloy to be more resistant than gold alone, yet remain looking like regular gold.
- A gold alloy durable enough to withstand substantial injury without any damage would either have almost no gold in it at all (and thus be nearly worthless), or be some sort of Star Trek uber-alloy.
- It could be that. Oil secretion was said to produce an oil that could potentially be used as alternative fuel. Something similar could happen in this case.
Oil secretion allowed Howie to produce crude oil.
+ If her ability produced such a world-changing substance, it would be completely insane to let anyone ever get a sample, much less sell it for extra cash.
- She might not know that herself, and since the carnival has no fixed location, anyone who manages to get some of that alloy wouldn't be able to track her down.
+ If Little Miss Goldenrod's ability makes her into "tough gold", then selling her hair regularly would cause a massive uproar wherever the Carnival went, as scientists, metallurgists, chemists, and news reporters all tried to find out where/how she found/created it.
- It is unknown how regularly she sells it, she could keep it discreet, or else another carnival member could use another ability to shape it into jewelry, which she would sell without attracting more attention.
- Effects that protect her from the ability could stop acting in the changed part of her body if it is cut off from the rest of her, there would be no more connection with the brain for it to determine that it is a part of her.
+ When Danny Pine's arm was severed, it retained its metallic structure.
- This isn't her ability as far as it is known.

+ If the substance she turns into is an alloy, then it makes it more likely that she simply touched a gold ring (made of alloy) and mimicked its properties.

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