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The following are all of the published and fan theories that exist for Being who might see Molly on Heroes.

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Theory Citations Notes
The man who is able to see Molly is Uluru. None + In an interview, the writers stated that "we would see a hint of Uluru before the season is over".
+ Molly states that, if she uses her power to see this person, he can see her back. While using his power, Isaac saw Uluru, and Uluru saw and spoke to Isaac. (Isaac's First Time)
+ Uluru has been hinted at as a villain for quite some time now. This could be a set-up to Season Two.
- Kring confirmed that Uluru only existed in the pages of the comic books.
The man watching Molly plans to use Sylar's body in some way to achieve his evil means. None + At times, Sylar speaks in a different voice, similar to Eden's 'command' voice. However, she shot herself before he could take her brain, and he clearly does not have this ability. He also appears to change character at times; he tries to give his mother a 'snowglobe' experience and when she begins to get upset, he starts to revel in her fear. This 'inner' being may well be Uluru.
+ Sylar's body disappears mysteriously, with a trail of blood leading to an open sewer cover. The trail of blood indicates that Sylar's body was dragged, possibly by the man watching Molly. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
- Sylar could have moved himself with the little strength he had left or with telekinesis.
- Tim Kring stated in an interview that Sylar "clearly somehow dragged himself into a manhole."
The man's power is power reflection, similar to Peter's mimicry (in earlier episodes, when the power was only available when another evolved human was using it). Molly says that when she thinks of him, he can see her. (How to Stop an Exploding Man) + If he can reflect powers, he could possibly know where Molly is if she knows where he is.
The man's power is omnipresence or something similar. He can be present in every place at anytime. None. + This might be how he can see Molly.
- Molly said that the being can only see her when she sees him.
The man Audrey believed to be Sylar in One Giant Leap was actually this man. None + Molly said to Parkman: "How could he find me?"
+ He didn't take her brain.
- He displayed Sylar's powers, such as telekinesis. He even had a baseball cap.
- Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite stated in an interview that the man who was chasing Molly in the FBI building was Sylar.
The individual in question is the Haitian. None. The Haitian's power is currently ill-defined, so some facet of his power may enable him to see Molly.
+ The Haitian has worked for a variety of individuals throughout the show's run. His true loyalties and intentions are still in doubt.
- In an interview, Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite assured us that the man is not the Haitian.
Molly is talking about a still living Charles Deveaux. Charles knew Peter was there when Peter had his dream of the past. (How to Stop an Exploding Man) The nature of Charles's ability is unknown. He may have a power that allows him to see Molly.
+ The old movie adage says that if you don't see the body, s/he isn't actually dead.
- Simone states that she was there when her father died. (Nothing to Hide)
- Charles, and even Angela, knew of his impending death. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
Molly's villain and the dragon from Kaito Nakamura's story in Landslide are one and the same. None. Since Volume Two opens with Hiro in the past meeting the Takezo Kensei, we may soon learn more about the legend of the dragon.
The man's power is empathic mimicry. Molly says that when she "thinks about him", he can see her. (How to Stop an Exploding Man). + This could be the result of mimicry.
+ Also, if the new villain were an empath, it would not be difficult to be 'worse than Sylar' in the danger stakes. While Sylar needs to study your brain to take your power, an empath only needs to meet you, once.
+ Claude has implied that he has met other empaths before.
The man who is able to see Molly is Daniel Doyle. None + The only man who is running against Nathan Petrelli in the election is a man named Daniel Doyle (Landslide).
+ Molly states that if she uses her power to see this person, he can see her back. Also, considering that Heroes is comics-oriented, it isn't surprising to see a character in the smallest hints and plainest sights.
+ If he is a villain, and somehow connected to the older generation of evolved humans or The Company, it would be understandable for him to run against Nathan Petrelli.
+ "Daniel Doyle" is alliterative, much like "Peter Petrelli" or "Gabriel Gray".
The man who is able to see Molly Walker is Haram. Golden Handshake, Part 4 + In the comics Haram is able to turn the water vampire's ability against her. He does the same with Molly Walkers ability.
- Haram doesn't appear to use any particular power to turn the water vampire's power against her but merely forces her to touch her own face and drain the water from herself.

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