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Theory:Micah Sanders

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The following are all of the published and fan theories that exist for Micah Sanders on Heroes.

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Theory Citations Notes
Micah is not exceptionally intelligent like his mother claims. She just assumed he was because he was so good with computers due to his power. None - Micah was smart enough to know something was up when Candice was pretending to be his mother. He also saw something was wrong with Niki before anyone else and saw through his father's lies fairly easily for a ten-year-old of ordinary intelligence.
- He was not fooled by Jessica trying to impersonate Niki over the phone. (Nothing to Hide)
Micah likes Molly and they will date in season two. None + Micah and Molly smiled to each other after Micah used his powers to use a shutdown elevator. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

They probably like each other, but it seems unlikely that they would be dating at such a young age.
- Molly may have been smiling because Micah saved them from being caught and possibly killed by Linderman's guards.
+ In real life, Adair Tishler and Noah Gray-Cabey are great friends. If they had to date, they would probably do it.

Micah will build a cybernetic limb, like Forge and Cable; a time machine like Forge and Cable; an evolved human tracking or detecting device. None. - There's no evidence that Micah's abilities extend to building new technology. He's only been shown repairing existing technology.
Micah will become a first-class computer hacker. None. - His abilities shown to date could all be hardware, not software, related.
+ However, his abilities, as shown hacking the ATMs in The Fix, could have involved influencing the software of the ATM machine.
Micah is unusual because he exhibits powers as a child. This is because both of his parents are also evolved humans. Micah used an out-of-order pay-phone to call his mother. He places his hand on ATMs and they dispense money. (The Fix) + The next youngest character to have powers is Sanjog Iyer -- who seems to be Micah's age -- followed by Claire Bennet, who is 16. Both of Micah's parents are evolved humans; both of Claire's biological parents are evolved; nothing is known about Sanjog's parents.
+ All other powered characters did not become aware of their abilities until well into adulthood. It also seems likely considering that the abilities have to do with genetics. As such there would theoretically be greater odds that two evolved parents produce an evolved child.

- The graphic novels indicate that several evolved humans displayed powers at various young ages, including Linderman and Sarah Ellis. Also, Molly Walker is around the same age as Micah, and only one of her parents was evolved.
- When Noah Bennet is given Claire, Kaito Nakamura tells him to bring her in "as soon as she manifests". He seems to believe that it could happen at any time (as opposed to saying "We will return for her when she is older".)

The early manifestation of Micah's abilities may be related to his intelligence. None. + It has been quasi-demonstrated that Micah is smarter than most children his age, and he is often referred to by Niki as "my little genius". It has also been stated that the abilities are dependent on the brain. It's not a far jump to assume that Micah is a genius, and as such, if the abilities are in fact dependent on the user's brains, then Micah's increased cognitive abilities might contribute to his early development.
+ Sanjog is a wise boy and his powers developed early as well.
Micah is the one who distorted the recording of Niki and Linderman's thugs in the video camera. None. - Micah was at Tina's house when Niki first watched the video and saw that it was scrambled. Since his power seems to require physical contact with the device he would have no way to scramble it.

The camera was connected to Niki's computer for her internet porn show, and Micah was able to influence all the district 12 voting machines because they were networked, so since he knew his mom was "Not right" and he knew what she did in the garage, he could have accessed the camera remotely to clear the video footage so she was not implicated in a crime.
The camera is also shown being knocked over, probably in a violent manner given the circumstances. This would likely distort the video upon impact.

Micah is able to gain information from various machines, which explains his above average intelligence. None.
Since Micah can interact with machines, he can possibly get a virus from a computer. None. + In "The Death of Hana Gitleman", Hana died from getting infected by a virus.

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