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Theory:Monica Dawson

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The following fan theories are about Monica Dawson.

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Theory Citations Notes
Monica's iPod is bugged. None + The Company might want to take tabs on what she learns and what she does.

- That version of the iPod has no way of obtaining Internet.

+ Neither do people, but radio isotopes seem to work pretty well on them.
+ Furthermore, the Company could easily have modified the iPod. Even without modifying the existing electronics, a wireless bug could easily be hidden within the casing with little difficulty. If the existing electronics are modified, it would not need to have a very long range, as it could record data and simply transmit it to a hidden receiver somewhere the Company knows she will regularly go (her home, for instance).
Monica's ability is not bound to strict mimicry. She is able to unconsciously adjust a move to fit a certain situation. None + If the knife Monica used to cut tomato flowers were even slightly longer or shorter than the one on TV, she would not have been able to use it.

+ She was able to adjust her parkour skills to fit to a specific location.
+ When Monica mimics Rey Mysterio's 619, her hands are in a different position.

Monica wasn't part of Volume 3 because she wasn't powerful enough to fight the villains. None + Micah wants her to be a hero, but in season three, the villains are too powerful. So maybe so the writers don't kill her character, they just remove her from the storyline, and bring her back in another season/volume.

+ The villains in Volume 3, such as Knox and Flint, would most definitely kill her.
+ She may return in a future season/volume, because her character has potential to be a real good character.
- Rebellion, Part 1 established that Monica was fighting criminals in New Orleans as St. Joan up until at least the start of volume 4.

If Monica is super charged, she will be able to copy other people's ability. None + She can copy difficult to almost impossible things.
All the things she copies are physically possible to her, she can only copy what she can physically perform, what superchaging this ability would do is unknown.
+ Mere muscle memory wouldn't grant her the physical strength required to perform what we've seen her do. It's distinctly possibly that she could replicate powers through supercharging or enough experience with her ability.
- The most common limitation of those with photographic reflexes is that they cannot perform anything outside of their physical ability, and it would be unlikely that the creators of the show would give her so much power. Also, her ability does not include the ability to modify her own DNA. However, it is conceivable that she would gain the ability to enhance herself to the level of the person she watches, in the event that she became supercharged, without significant modification.
Rogue from X-Men had a similar ability.
Rogue could absorb not only powers but other skills as well, and her absorption was proportional to the duration of the physical contact required to absorb characteristics.
Should Monica somehow lose her ability, she still will be able to replicate the movements she has already learned. None + Monica seems not only to remember a movement, but also to strengthen her muscles and tendons to perform it, e.g. she learns a skill. Some factors can stop her from using her ability, for instance mental manipulation or the eclipse, but these factors remove powers, not skills.
- It's been stated that Monica's physical fitness is what defines what she can and can't do, as a young woman, there are lots of things she can do, but if she reaches an advanced age, she won't perform gymnast movements anymore.
- Monica's ability allows her to use those abilities, she depends on her power to learn and use abilities, not just learn.
+ Monica can only mimic things that she is physically capable of, if she were to lose the power then it stands to reason that the talents she learns would still be accessible.
To put this into perspective, if Monica were to lean a skill at work either using or not using her ability it would be terribly inconvenient if that knowledge suddenly vanished upon losing use of her abilities. This is made more clear if you think about the fact that this ability could have been passively activated since birth. If she learned how to breath while her ability was activated and the ability was taken away, she would suffocate to death.
Monica is dead. None

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