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The following fan theories are about Phasing.

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Theory Citations Notes
Phasing can be used to walk on water. None. + When D.L. used his ability, he never 'fell' through the ground. However, Samir Mellouk did, when he chose to. This may imply that phasers can choose to stay on any surface.
- Samir only fell through solid surfaces, not liquids.
+ Which only confirms it's possible to fall or not to fall.
Phasing works by 'parting' the molecules of one's surroundings, creating a skintight space in the object which closes behind the user. None + This may explain the 'rippling' effect which sometimes accompanies phasing.

- If that were how the ability worked, D.L. would have died prior to being shot when his murderer attempted to punch him in the face, similar to how Linderman died.

+ Theoretically, Hawkins' ability may work by producing a skintight field which 'bends' objects around it, allowing him to pass through them harmlessly. In that case, the man's fist and forearm would have been 'wrapped' around D.L.'s head, instead of actually passing through it.

+ D.L. may have killed Linderman by producing distortions in the molecular structure of his brain, causing catastrophic hemorrhaging and near-instantaneous death.

Phasing works by shifting particle to wave, physical to energy. None + When D.L. used his ability he never fell through the ground, this indicates that he became somewhat lighter than air. And the act of passing though the object temporary "passes on" the "shifting" to the objects which creates the ripple effect.

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