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Theory:Rapid cell regeneration

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The following fan theories are about Rapid cell regeneration.

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Theory Citations Notes
With frequent use, this power renders the user to be able to feel only minimal pain, if not no pain at all. None. + In almost all cases of Claire regenerating herself, she has exhibited little or no signs of visible pain. However, due to Peter Petrelli's infrequent use of his regeneration powers, he feels pain whenever he is sufficiently injured. (i.e. Sylar's attempted headcutting. (.07%); Peter shrieks in pain - compare to Sylar's headcutting in Five Years Gone, in which Claire does not show any visible signs of pain
+ Peter may be crying out in horror and fear, afraid that his head is about to be sliced open, and calling on all hi strength to regenerate fast enough to survive.

+ Pain is a warning system for the body. Perhaps her body "knows" that it is not in any real danger, so it has ceased to use the sensation of pain.
- Claire screams "Ow!" when Lyle staples her. (Nothing to Hide)

+ Claire could very well have said "Ow!" out of shock/surprise rather than out of any real pain. This is furthered by the fact that she showed barely any pain at having her hand mangled by a garbage disposal unit. (Genesis)

- Claire showed that she was in pain through her facial expression when she grabbed the extremely hot muffin tray. (Better Halves)
Claire didn't even feel the Rib sticking out of her side until Zach pointed it out to her.

+ She also showed an expression of boredom on her face rather than one of pain when she pushed the rib back in.

It is possible that the effect is psychological. Claire knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that pain is temporary, so she has unconsciously learned to ignore it.
+ The writers have stated that Claire does feel pain, but not as strongly as most people feel it.

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