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The following fan theories are about the concept of rifts.

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Theory Citations Notes
Rifts are holes in space and time, caused by paradoxes and other conflicts in causality. Future Hiro states he risks causing a rift by returning to the past. (Hiros) + Hiro would have created a causality paradox by going into the past (i.e. if he saves Charlie from Sylar, he never has a reason to go back and save her), which could theoretically create a rift - possibly explaining his sudden return to the present. Hiro has not been able to fully access his powers since. This is also one common definition of a temporal rift in science-fiction literature. The fact that he kept his message ("Save the cheerleader, save the world") ambiguous supports the fact that Future Hiro was trying his best to alter the past without creating a paradox.
Rifts interfere with the abilities of time-travelers, either by leaving time-travelers unable to use their powers or by creating points in time they cannot travel to. Future Hiro speaks of rifts as something to be avoided. (Hiros) + Also, Hiro's powers do not function properly after his trip to the past to save Charlie.

- Hiro's problems with his powers stems from his inability to save Charlie, and his growing fear that he is not the hero he wants to be. Not from any casualty effects.

Rifts are not portals in space and time. None. + While a rift, in science fiction literature, can refer to either a portal in space/time or a wound in space/time, it seems clear by the context of Future Hiro's remarks that they are using the latter sense of the word as rifts are suggested to be a bad thing.

- A portal through space and time that anyone can access is a bad thing.

Rifts are created by unavoidable paradoxes. None. Peter could not actually go into the Shanti Virus future a second time while he was near himself - this may have been due to the fact that if two versions of himself are simultaneously present, due to his ability, both would absorb each others' powers and create a paradox and, subsequently, a rift.
- However, by that logic, Future Hiro wouldn't have been able to go near Hiro for fear of causing a paradox in Five Years Gone. They were able to get close to each other, so it seems unlikely that the presence of two people in the same place in space-time can cause a rift.
Hiro cannot absorb abilities.
- Empaths are immune to empathic mimicry, so Peter cannot absorb another empaths powers.
Since when do empaths follow the Rule of Ted?
Since a BTE established they did. Present day Peter couldn't absorb the abilities his exposed future self had.
Rifts don't apply in Heroes. None. + So far, every event dealing with destiny has co-related with time travel. For example, the company was formed primarily by Adam. Adam would not have been what Kaito Nakamura told his son, if it weren't for Hiro actually traveling back in time and altering events. Also, Isaac is able to paint events based on Hiro's time travel, as if they are happening in the future. Therefore, Hiro's life is progressing into the future even when he goes to the past or stops time. This disables the idea from a 'rift' even being possible in such a world. The writers were just trying to romanticize the show, as they do on occasion. Basing a show in realism is difficult in these days, so it was just a mistake.

- Rifts are referring to "time destroying" paradoxes in this show. Future Hiro said he had to study and plan a long time to find the exact point where the past could be SAFELY changed. Possibly because instead of trying to stop the entire incident he tried only to stop Sylar from being unkillable when he was stabbed.

The rift is already happening. None + In Season Four, Hiro starts time traveling a lot more and changing the past a lot. Around that time, the show's timeline grows much more inconsistent and contradictory. Perhaps Hiro is unwittingly pulling a Superboy-Prime, warping and unraveling the space-time continuum through his overuse of time travel and thereby causing all the continuity errors.

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