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(New page: The following are all of the published and fan '''theories''' that exist for [[{{subst:<noinclude>subst}}</noinclude>PAGENAME}}]] on ''Heroes''. ''For help on adding theories, see the [[H...)
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The following are all of the published and fan '''theories''' that exist for [[{{subst:<noinclude>subst}}</noinclude>PAGENAME}}]] on ''Heroes''.
The following are all of the published and fan '''theories''' that exist for [[Sanjog Iyer]] on ''Heroes''.
''For help on adding theories, see the [[Help:Theories|Help section]].''
''For help on adding theories, see the [[Help:Theories|Help section]].''

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The following are all of the published and fan theories that exist for Sanjog Iyer on Heroes.

For help on adding theories, see the Help section.


Theory Citations Notes
Iyer may have the power to see the past, not just entering other's minds while they dream. He was able to see and show Mohinder the murder of Chandra. (Seven Minutes to Midnight) + This event, as far as we know, was not witnessed by either Mohinder or Sanjog.
+ Sylar's broken watch seems enough to suggest that the vision is accurate, as neither Mohinder nor Sanjog had seen that watch either.
Sylar murdered Sanjog and obtained his ability. None. + This might explain how Sylar appeared in Peter's dream when he was in his cell. (Fallout)
- Neither Nathan, Charles, Simone, Isaac, Ando, Hiro, Claude, Claire, Matt, Niki, D.L., Micah, nor Mohinder have murdered Sanjog or obtained his ability. Yet they have all appeared in Peter's dreams. (Genesis, Nothing to Hide, Fallout, Godsend)

- It was just a dream.
- Sanjog was most definitely still alive during the events leading up to Homecoming, because Mohinder met him. It's possible that Sylar killed Charlie in Midland, flew to India, killed Sanjog, and flew back to Odessa, but it seems unlikely.
- Sylar was in his cell at the time of Peter's vision. The Haitian would have prevented him from using his powers.

Sanjog is the person who can see Molly when she thinks about him. None. - Given Sanjog's power, it's infeasible that he would be able to sense when someone is using a mental power (such as Matt's telepathy or Molly's clairvoyance) on him.
- The thing that Molly could see was indicated to be malevolent, and Sanjog seems to simply be a child who helps out occasionally.
+ The name Iyer is also known as "Ayer". Ayers Rock is a large rock formation in Australia, which is also known as Uluṟu. This could mean that Sanjog is Uluru, the rock monster who was able to see and communicate with Isaac when he used his power.
+ Sanjog say to Mohinder:"I don't come to anyone, they come to me."(Homecoming) which could refer to what Molly said, that when she think of him, he can see her.
+ We know Sanjog can enter people's dreams and he can probably control them too, changing everything he want in the dream of the person he's in contact with. That would explain how he could have appeared to Isaac as a huge rock monster in his dream. This possibility lead to the point that maybe he can even "attack" someone in their dream, kinda like Freddy Krueger making him a dangerous person.
- Since Molly has to intentionally think of someone, and Sanjog lives in poverty in India, and they are both children, it seems unlikely that she would be aware of him to have thought of him in the first place.
However if we assume that it's all part of the brain, and she lost control of it due to the illness (she had) it may be plausible that she unintentionally targeted the one "Worse than Sylar"
Sanjog was responsible for Peter's dream in How to Stop an Exploding Man The dream sequence was almost identical to those that Mohinder had in Madras, India. (Nothing to Hide, Seven Minutes to Midnight, Homecoming) + The similarity between them points to Sanjog.
+ Peter may have absorbed his ability in the process; Charles was manipulated by Peter himself to have an awareness of his presence.
- It is unknown whether Sanjog can manipulate the dreams of somebody halfway around the world or not. It is doubtful that he was simply visiting New York, too.

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