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The following fan theories are about Slusho!.

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Theory Citations Notes
The syrup used to make Slushos contains the Formula. None. A crooked arson investigator may have found an extra tub of the Formula in a secret sub-basement of the fire-ravaged Pinehearst building and sold it to the Slusho Corporation.
The Slusho! corporation is actually a front produced by The Company in an attempt to synthetically produce abilities in ordinary people, and boost the abilities of specials, starting with its consumers. Slusho! is occasionally known for its ability bestowing goodness, but not nearly as well as waffles + This would explain why many Company related people have been seen drinking Slusho! repeatedly.

+ Elle is most notable for constantly selecting Slusho! as her stakeout drink, clearly in order to prep herself for any epic, plot annihilating battles that may ensue.

Slusho! is the present Slushy. Both names look alike. + A product's name can change over the years.

- Slushy could be Slusho! for kids.

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