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Theory:St. Joan

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The following fan theories are about St. Joan.

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Theory Citations Notes
St. Joan will use the dagger seen in the Primatech vault in Odessa. There are several things shown beside the Virus. One of those things on the top left is a wavy dagger.

The cover of 9th Wonders depicts St. Joan carrying a dagger similar to that one.

- The dagger is owned by the company. There is no way Monica could get her hands on it.

+ Hiro got Kensei's sword from Linderman's vault, there is no reason why Monica can't get the knife in a future episode.
- The cover also shows her carrying a crossbow. There was no crossbow in the vault.
+ There is no reason that the crossbow HAS to come from the vault, it could come from anywhere.

A film will be made based on the character of St. Joan within the Heroes universe. None + In the Dark Future in Out of Time, a large billboard featuring an image of St. Joan can be seen. It is unlikely a comic book would be advertised in such a manner, but a film would be.
- The billboard is Isaac Mendez's illustration, not a live-action actress (and not likely an animation).
+ It could be an early teaser.

It would be interesting if the film was released in real-life world.

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