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Theory:Sylar's paintings

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The following fan theories are about Sylar's paintings.

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Theory Citations Notes
Sylar sees a "warped" version of the events in his paintings due to his mental instability. None - Sylar could simply be a bad painter, or perhaps he just has different taste in art.

+ Peter Petrelli also said he couldn't paint but his paintings came out similar to the ones Isaac Mendez paints.
The weird style of Sylar's paintings is a design element to reflect his evil nature.
It's possible that when Sylar paints an event, he paints an outcome of the event in which he gets what he wants or desires.

He absorbed precognition from Isaac. Being able to paint depictions of what you want or desire is not a power at all; it's perfectly ordinary.

Sylar's paintings appear to be symbolic of events, rather then actually depicting them as Isaac's or Peter's do. For example, the painting depicting him alongside Ted Sprague seems to indicate some kind of battle is about to take place, yet when the prophecy is achieved Sylar kills him without resistance. The painting also looks nothing like the actual scene- Ted is standing with his hands glowing in the painting, while he is tied down in the FBI van in reality. Thus the painting depicts the event--Sylar taking Ted's ability--without actually showing it. His twisted version of Nathan in the President's Office is also done in this way--symbolic of the event, not a snapshot of the future.

+ Insanity tends to be very personal, making sense to the madman, but not to those who observe his actions. Madness might result in a more symbolic, subjective painting.
His painting is actually of himself as Nathan, as in Five Years Gone.
The Nathan depicted in his version of The President Stands Alone seems overtly malevolent (claw-like hands, solid red eyes rimmed in black). It has been shown that the man shown in the picture was actually Sylar himself (having killed Nathan and impersonated him via illusion). He may have "tapped in" to that fact and unconsciously shown it in his painting.
The painting depicts the events in Kirby Plaza when Sylar eavesdrops on Ted, Matt, Bennet and Peter.

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