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Theory:Symbol necklace

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The following fan theories are about Peter's Symbol necklace.

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Theory Citations Notes
The necklace is actually an evolved human with the ability to transform into a necklace. None The Haitian could have left this evolved human with Peter to watch over him.

It's also possible that this evolved human can transform into other pieces of jewelry, such as Hana's ring and earring.
- This is simply ridiculous.
It is also possible that this "person" can become any object he/she choses.
- If this is true then this ability would require much concentration to keep form in which the Haitian would negate seeing that his ability works best with powers that need much concentration (telepathy, space-time manipulation etc.) also Isaac Mendez, Peter, or even Sylar would have undoubtedly painted him/her with Peter or The Haitian as this guardian necklace, ring, or earring.

+ Maybe that ability needs a lot of concentration to get back to human form too.
+ This could explain how the Haitian knows whenever the wind chimes are hung outside a window.
The necklace has some connection with the wind chime. None + Both look like ordinary objects and can be used by anyone without raising suspicions. That's a great disguise.

+ This could explain how the Haitian knows whenever the wind chimes are hung outside a window.
The wind chime hasn't been used after The Haitian gave the necklace away.

If this theory is true, the wind chime wouldn't work.

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