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Theory:Ted Sprague

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The following fan theories are about Ted Sprague.

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Theory Citations Notes
Ted was impotent. None. + The radioactivity in his body can only have an adverse effect on his reproductive system.
- Abilities do not appear to have an affect on the individual when the ability is an outward one, such as invisibility or mental manipulation.
The source of Ted's power is the natural production of deuterium and tritium. None. + Ted Sprague's file (from the Heroes 360 experience]] suggests this.
Ted gave everyone near the Bennet house cancer and they will all die. None. + Ted was emitting large amounts of radiation.

It is possible someone will cure them all of their cancer before they die, such as Linderman.
As of Landslide, Mr. Linderman is dead, and is not shown to have had any contact with anybody in the vicinity of the Bennet house explosion prior to his death.
- There is no guarantee that any given amount of radiation exposure will cause cancer.
Even though he was apparently giving off enough radiation to burn Claire's skin, he didn't kill all the plants around the house as he did when he was at his wife's grave. He may have been simply giving off heat and light and perhaps EMP as the heat and light would burn the house and Claire, but not give cancer to the neighborhood.
It is possible that his abilities have different effects depending on what emotion he was feeling.
Noah recieving Clairs blood that resurected him, would probably have cured him of this as well if he was affected.

Ted's power - or, at least, some parts of it - do not affect things within a certain distance from his body. Despite releasing enough radiation to burn down the Bennets' house and severely charred Claire, Ted's own clothing was undamaged. (Company Man) If this is true, Nathan may have survived Peter's explosion simply by being within that radius.
- If this were true, Ted would not have been able to burn Nurse Jennifer through physical contact. (Nothing to Hide)
Ted Sprague and Isaac are brothers. None + They look the same.

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