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Theory:The Company's founders

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The following fan theories are about The Company's founders.

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Theory Citations Notes
One member of the Company's founders had the ability to control weather. Bob claims that a light Miami snowstorm should have been a tsunami. (Out of Time) + Weather manipulation would account for this.

- The person could have worked for the Company and not be one of the twelve.
- The snowstorm could have been a natural occurrence. Bob only hinted that the tsunami would have been the headline if it weren't for their intervention.

+ A snowstorm in Miami is likely not a natural occurrence.

- The tsunami could have been stopped via a means other than weather control.

+ Freezing would allow a tsunami to become a snowstorm, we have seen this power, and it isn't unlikely that one of the twelve also had this power.
- But weather control is the best explanation for the tsunami becoming a snowstorm.
- Weather control implies that the tsunami could have been avoided altogether. The snowstorm implies that it was averted. Perhaps it took the abilities of several evolved humans to predict and neutralize the tsunami into a relatively harmless snowstorm.

- Bob could have invented or embellished the story just to try and get on Nathan's and Matt's good side.
- It's possible the Company stopped the tsunami by killing an evolved human with the power to control the weather, and who would have created the tsunami for unknown reasons. It is understandable how Bob would overlook that little detail when recounting the story to Suresh.
- This could have been an event caused by Alice Shaw while experiments were being conducted on her.

Alice was never in the Company's custody.

Technically speaking, tsunamis are NOT a type of weather. They are ocean waves caused by earthquakes on the ocean floor.

Tsunamis are not a type of weather, but snowstorms are.
Weather control would create a snowstorm, but could not deal with the wave.
Waves are controlled by the gravity of the sun and moon, and the wind, so someone with weather control might have been able to blow the tsunami into the air and turn it into snow.
The group of twelve have been using Adam Monroe's blood against his will, as a fountain of youth since 1977. None + They don't appear to have aged in 30 years.
- Yes, they do. The picture was obviously taken less than 30 years ago, based on the appearance of Kaito Nakamura and Victoria Pratt as seen 30 years ago in Truth and Consequences.

- If the Group of Twelve had been using Adam Monroe's blood against his will, then Charles Deveaux would have recovered and would not have needed Peter Petrelli to be his hospice nurse.
+ Charles Deveaux is probably one of the good guys, and has refused to use the blood. We know there are members of the group of twelve that are helping Adam. Victoria Pratt may have revealed that Mr. and Mrs. Petrelli are not the good guys.
- If they were using Adam's blood, he would have been unable to kill any of them and Sylar would have been unable to kill Bob Bishop.

+ There is no indication that injecting oneself with regenerative blood has permanent effects; Nathan, for instance, was shot down (albeit somehow later revived).
Blood lasts in the body 12 weeks before being broken down by the liver, therefore that is the maximum amount of time a person that has been injected with a regeneraters blood would be able to regenerate for. This is why Nathan died when attacked by Sylar but why he didn't die when he was shot.
The journal female who was believed to have clairvoyance that gave a red hair sample was none other than Victoria Pratt, the woman who "wanted to be left alone". However, her clairvoyance is so developed that she is basically omniscient, almost creating astral projection. None - The journal female was of Russian/Polish decent. Victoria Pratt was clearly American.

+ Victoria could be an American of Russian/Polish ancestry.
- If Victoria Pratt was clairvoyant she would have known Adam was coming and that Peter could also regenerate.

- Victoria knew that Peter was with Adam, even though Peter had not mentioned him. Clairvoyance would not allow her to know Peter could regenerate.
Not every member was an evolved human, but a few instead had other, more worldly attributes to contribute. None + Kaito Nakamura is a powerful industrialist (important ally and you would want someone experienced in running a company) and Victoria Pratt is a biological engineer (an obvious asset). Both have yet to demonstrate an actual ability. Being dead probably poses a problem to any future demonstration, but Nakamura and Pratt were both attacked and killed without displaying any abnormal defense. Nakamura actually implied during Hiro's sword training that Hiro was the first evolved human in the family. Pratt had to resort to a shotgun for her defense.

- The Kaito thing may have been a continuity error due to the fact that Ishi Nakamura is an evolved human. The Pratt thing may be due to Victoria having a passive power like precognition or something like that.
- The creators hinted that all of them have powers. Kaito is hinted to have a power. Some may have passive powers.
- Bob tells Mohinder that the company was founded by normal people with extraordinary powers. (Four Months Later)

The Company's founders all have powers, although some of them may be passive. None + Angela Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli, Adam Monroe, Daniel Linderman, Maury Parkman, Charles Deveaux and Robert Bishop all have displayed powers.

- Kaito Nakamura and Victoria Pratt haven't displayed powers of any kind.

+ Kaito Nakamura is hinted at having powers. Kaito is a parent of another evolved human.

+ Harry Fletcher and Paula Gramble are on the list which implies that they have the gene of the evolved humans.
+ Carlos Mendez is related to Isaac, who was an evolved human.
+ It is implied by Angela that the twelve came together to save the world.
+ Bob tells Mohinder that the company was founded by normal people with extraordinary powers. (Four Months Later)

There is a person missing from the picture, but involved in the founding of the Company--the photographer. None + Someone may be holding the camera, and would be present at an intimate occasion amongst the founders of the Company.

- The photograph could have been taken using a time-delayed camera or via one of the founders in the photo using telekinesis.
- Or, they might have just hired a photographer to take a picture of them as a corporate event. It's fairly common...

Lots of different people are trying to eliminate the group of twelve so they could become part of a new group of twelve. None + Linderman, Maury Parkman, Victoria Pratt, Bob Bishop and Kaito Nakamura were all murdered on purpose.

+ Arthur Petrelli might be trying to stop that happening.
- He tried to kill Angela and killed Maury, both are in the group of twelve.
+ Adam Monroe and Sylar have both killed two of the group of twelve.

The "One of Us, One of Them" term is taken from the group of twelve. None + Five have been shown to have abilities, while seven have not.
- It has been heavily implied that all of them had abilities.
Arthur, Angela, Bob, Linderman, Charles Deveaux and Maury Parkman displayed powers, Harry Fletcher and Paula Gramble are on Chandra's list, and Kaito was confirmed to have an ability by BTE, so there were at least nine evolved humans among the founders.
- The term also implies a fixed ratio, which as it stands, doesn't occur in the Founders.
+ The insistence by Bennet to stick to the "one of us, one of them" thing does seem to make it sound like something that would be big on The Company charter. The "extraordinary abilities" line doesn't necessarily mean posthuman. Kaito Nakamura didn't have a power in canon, but certainly did extraordinary things.
Kaito was confirmed by BTE to have an ability, it just was never revealed.
There are thirteen founders, the thirteenth being Adam Monroe. None + He was said to have brought all the other founders together.
- That doesn't necessarily mean that he's a founder himself. He could be a benefactor.

- He doesn't appear in the group photo.

Adam was imprisoned long before they made the photo.

- They would've certainly hired a professional photographer for the occasion.

One of the Company founders might have had telekinesis or technopathy, so they wouldn't have needed a photographer.

- Kaito said there were only twelve.

The fifth founder, Kaito Nakamura, was actually supposed to be Chris Coolidge. None + Angela says that her dream brought her to Chris's concert.

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