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Portrayed by Deirdre Quinn
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Las Vegas, NV
Residence Tina's home

Tina is a friend of Niki Sanders who sometimes babysits Niki's son Micah. While Micah claims that there's nothing to read at Tina's house, Tina has an extensive vocabulary from reading many romance novels.

Character History


Niki confides in Tina that something is wrong with her. She attempts to explain what's happening, but Tina doesn't understand. Tina watches Micah while Niki leaves to try to resolve her debt to Mr. Linderman.

Don't Look Back

Tina chastises Niki for making Micah wait so long. Niki tells Tina about her fugue state episodes and her discovery of the bodies of Linderman's thugs.


Tina watches Micah while Niki prepares to seduce Nathan. They discuss Niki's episodes again. Tina agrees with her that it was unlikely that Niki would have been able to rip one of the thugs in half.


When Niki returns home to find her house swarming with police, Tina explains that D.L. has been spotted nearby.

Nothing to Hide

Tina arrives at Niki's house to find Niki in a panic. Niki tells Tina that D.L. took Micah. She then explains about Jessica, but Tina tells her there is no Jessica. Later, when Jessica takes over, she tells Tina to leave and that Niki doesn't need her help any more.

Six Months Ago

Tina congratulates Niki for one year's sobriety at an AA meeting.


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