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Tokyo Swallows

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Tokyo Swallows
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First reference: Six Months Ago
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Hiro loves baseball, especially the Tokyo Swallows (燕軍).


The Tokyo Swallows are a professional baseball team in Tokyo, Japan. The team, owned by the Yakult Corporation, was referred to just as "The Swallows" until 2006 (the year the episode Six Months Ago aired), when they officially became known as the "Tokyo Yakult Swallows".


Six Months Ago

Hiro attempts to prove his power to Charlie by telling her that tomorrow "the swallow will slay the dragon." The next day, Hiro shows Charlie a Japanese newspaper with a headline reading that the Yakult Swallows slew the Chunichi Dragons. Charlie easily reads the Japanese article, and Hiro shows his excitement for correctly "predicting" the outcome.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • Hiro expresses how much he loves baseball. He remembers that Yamagato Industries had a box at the Meiji Jingu Stadium. Hiro and Kaito went to all the Swallows' home games together. It was the only activity they did together that didn't involve shouting, tears, or arguing. (Chapter 15)
  • While playing a baseball-tossing game at a county fair, Hiro is faced with a difficult decision. Hiro wonders what his favorite Tokyo Swallows player, Yao Ayakawa, would do in the situation. (Chapter 24)


  • In Saving Charlie, Hiro mentions that his favorite player is Yao Ayakawa. Although Tokyo Swallows is a real baseball team, Yao Ayakawa is not a real person.

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