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Tonton Macoutes

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Tonton Macoutes
Tonton Macoutes.jpg
Location: Haiti
First appearance It Takes a Village, Part 1
Known leaders: Duvalier,
Tonton Macoutes leader
Equipment used: guns, knives

Tonton Macoutes (aka "The Boogeymen"), real name Milice de Volontaires de la Sécurité Nationale,(English: Militia of National Security Volunteers) are a militia force under the command of Duvalier. They are described by the Haitian as "Murderers. Rapists. Torturers. Monsters in human skins."


Graphic Novel:It Takes a Village, Part 1

The Tonton Macoutes attack the Haitian's village and kill a pig, trying to find the town's leader, Guillame. Ignoring protests, Guillame shows himself to the militiamen and uses his special ability, incapacitating them and causing them to throw up. However, when Guillame's son approaches, Guillame is unable to use his power. A member of the Tonton Macoutes seizes the opportunity and shoots the village's leader.

Graphic Novel:It Takes a Village, Part 2

The Tonton Macoutes string up Guillame for twenty-four hours. The villagers believe that Guillame has lost his power over the militiamen.

Memorable Quotes

"I'll ask again. Where is the one called Guillame? Or do I move from pigs on four legs... to pigs on two?"

- Tonton Macoutes (It Takes a Village, Part 1)

"I... Guh... M-mother...?"

- Tonton Macoutes (It Takes a Village, Part 1)


  • The real life Tonton Macoutes were officially known as Milice de Volontaires de la Sécurité (MVSN).
  • The Tonton Macoutes often dressed in militant clothing, wore dark glasses, and carried machetes. They would torture victims as a warning to others. The Tonton Macoutes capitalized on Vodou superstitions, and many Haitians viewed them as demons and zombies.


  • "Tonton Macoute" literally translates "Uncle Gunnysack", or he who would take away naughty children at Christmas. He is the antithesis to Father Christmas, and is synonymous with "the boogeyman".

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