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Tony Carenzo

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Tony Carenzo
Tony Carenzo.jpg
Title Webisode producer
Gender Male
IMDb profile

Tony Carenzo was a director and executive producer of the Global News Interactive pieces on Richard Drucker and an executive producer of the Sword Saint documentaries.


After carving out a serious reputation as a commercial director, Tony Carenzo has helmed spots for companies like Target, Toys R Us, Disney, Hasbro, Fisher Price and Bandai. Tony has also written, produced, or directed more than 200 hours of television appearing on networks such as Showtime and ABC Family, and founded a successful production company, GrapeVine Productions. Used by many network and studio executives for his years of expertise, Tony has maintained a serious career as a writer, producer, and director.


  • The Global News Interactive pieces were shot in one day at the building for GrapeVine Productions.

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