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African turtle.jpg
Portrayed by Elvis
First appearance The Butterfly Effect
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Botswana, Africa
Occupation Animal guide of Matt Parkman

Matt Parkman encounters an innocent and hapless turtle living in the arid deserts of Botswana, Africa and decides it must be his animal guide.


The Butterfly Effect

After being teleported to Africa, Matt stumbles in the desert until he eventually collapses due to dehydration. Once he wakes up, he sees a turtle in front of him. He believes he can hear the turtle's thoughts, until he finds out the voice belongs to Usutu.

One of Us, One of Them

In Usutu's hut, a turtle crawls across 9th Wonders!, Issue #7.

I Am Become Death

After Matt returns from his vision of the future, Usutu tells Matt that he must find his animal totem. Matt looks around and sees a turtle outside Usutu's hut. Matt begins to follow his animal guide on a slow journey.

Dying of the Light

Matt and the turtle arrive at JFK airport. Matt and the turtle remain at the airport while Daphne first attempts to recruit Matt, and then Daphne and Matt attempt to convince one another to avoid contact with the Pinehearst Company.

Eris Quod Sum

Matt puts the turtle in a glass aquarium in Mohinder Suresh's apartment.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Thinking in Japanese, Hiro expresses his desire for a turtle, and his frustration with Matt for not letting him see it. Later, Hiro bobs his head along with Matt's turtle.

A Clear and Present Danger

Matt finds that his turtle has escaped from his cage. He asks how he did that before putting him back into the glass aquarium.

Memorable Quotes

"Thank you, turtle."

- Matt (The Butterfly Effect)

"High five, turtle."

- Matt (Dying of the Light)


  • In an interview, Greg Grunberg jokes that the turtle's name is "Shelly". He later confirmed in a Twitter update that Shelly is just a nickname that he has given the turtle.
  • According to Heroes Interactive, the turtle that appears in Dying of the Light is an African Sulcata turtle. His name is Elvis, and the episode Dying of the Light of Heroes marked his acting debut. Also, the commentary for that episode mentions that the turtle in the episode is a "stand-in" turtle.
  • When Matt brings the turtle to JFK Airport, the turtle's cage is lined with papers from GE. NBC is a subsidiary of General Electric.


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