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Phoebe manipulates her shadow.
Held by: Phoebe Frady
Ability to: Manipulate light and shadows
Examples of umbrakinesis

Umbrakinesis is the ability to manipulate light and shadow. Phoebe describes her ability as "[stealing] light" and "[channeling] darkness". The ability appears to have the capability to nullify nearby evos' abilities and disrupt electrical appliances in the user's immediate surroundings.





Phoebe first began experimenting with her ability by playing with her shadows and making them move independently of her (Dark Matters, Part 1). She also plays harmless tricks on others, like when she turned off the lights on a South Western College professor. As she grew stronger, her ability sometimes worked without her active concentration, like when shadows crept along a wall as she experienced a nightmare (Dark Matters, Part 3). Her powers seem to be at least partially affected by her emotions, as seen when she accidentally blew out a light when she was angry with her brother (Dark Matters, Part 3).

Phoebe eventually grew strong enough to the point that she could gather shadows from her surroundings and hold them as a sphere of darkness in her hands. In fact, when Quentin saw an eclipse on June 13, 2014, he automatically assumed it was caused by Phoebe's ability (Dark Matters, Part 4).

Phoebe's abilities are able to affect the abilities of other evos, nullifying their effects and affecting their use. She has so far made a levitating guitarist fall, extinguished a pyrokinetic's fire, prevented Malina from using her powers, and stopped Miko from entering Evernow. When stopping abilities from working, she actively projects darkness, generating tendrils of shadow from her hands to negate the power she wishes to disrupt (The Lion's Den). It appears that she has developed this aspect of her power mostly under Renautas's employment.

The shadows she produces also seem capable of making physical contact with objects, being able to hold down her brother's gun hand and also causing bleeding and fatal injuries when forced into his mouth (Game Over). Her ability also seems to disrupt electrical systems, as seen when she shuts down the lights in a lecture theater, blows out a light when arguing with her brother, and causes multiples computer screens and fluorescent lights to flicker when entering a room. (Game Over)

When using her powers actively, Phoebe's eyes change color. Initially, they glowed purple; when working for Renautas under the alias "The Shadow", rings of glowing iridescence would form around her irises as their centers darkened. (Dark Matters, Part 3, Game Over)

On June 13th, 2014, Phoebe was pushed to create more and more darkness. It initially caused her pain, but it faded and she sent out a massive cloud of darkness that covered the Odessa Unity Summit and caused an eclipse as well as nullifying the powers of every evo there. When she did that, she felt no more pain. (June 13th, Part One)

Selected Examples


  • On her Instagram page, actress Aislinn Paul said that to create the effect of her holding the ball of light and shadow in The Needs of the Many, the effects team put lights inside her sleeves so they could use a mix of practical and digital effects.

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