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Upstate New York farm

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Upstate New York farm
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Location: Upstate New York
Purpose: Business, Imprisonment

A farm in upstate New York is the front for a Primatech detention facility where Red Eye (Ricardo Silva) was kept prisoner.

Notable Locations

  • Corn field
  • Farm house
    • Ricardo Silva's cell

Notable Employees

  • Harris

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors


Heroes Evolutions

Operation Splinter

In chapter 2 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech contracted player arrives at a farm in upstate New York, and meets up with Jeremy Woo, Tim Pope, and Marie Dunn in a corn field. Marie's Operations tactical team are roaming around near the farm house. The player is briefed that the farm house is a Primatech detention facility that missed a 48-hour check-in a few hours ago. A tactical team was sent over and found two agents badly hurt and the prisoner missing. Per the agent's reports, the Kill Squad attacked this facility two days ago, but they underestimated the prisoner and he got away.

The player learns about the escaped prisoner is Ricardo Silva, codenamed Red Eye, and is instructed to enter the facility to further investigate it. By questioning the two wounded victims inside, Harris and Carter, and examining the evidence, the player deducts what occurred and reports to Jeremy, Tim and Marie in a tent in the corn field.

Based on the evidence and questioning, the player reports that Harris must be hiding that he was interrogated and that he is a Kill Squad member. Harris took Red Eye out to kill him, but Carter walked in on them and Red Eye turned them against each other, and then tortured Harris for information about the Kill Squad. The player continues that and the four discuss the problem of Red Eye's planned attack.


  • The detention facility is located inside the farm house.

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