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| portrayer =  
| portrayer =  
| nick =  
| nick =  
| power(s) = [[Radiology]] abilities gained [[Empathic mimicry]][[Space time manipulation]] H2O manipulation(freezing) ability control
| power(s) = [[User:50000JH/Radiology]] abilities gained [[Space time manipulation]] [[freezing]] [[User:50000JH/ability control]]
| alias = James
| alias = James
| sex = <!-- enter "male", "female", "y", or "n" -->male
| sex = <!-- enter "male", "female", "y", or "n" -->male

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Powers User:50000JH/Radiology abilities gained Space time manipulation freezing User:50000JH/ability control
Alias James
Sex Male
Date of birth Wales
Favorite Heroes quote Sylar:Can you do your trick before I do mine
Favorite color blue
Favorite character Hiro
Least favorite character Arthur
Favorite power IA and space-time manipulstion
Favorite sport soccer