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Season: One
Episode number: 5
First aired: July 11, 2010
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: Playing with fire
Next episode: The Long Answer



Theresa was her office with David.David asked what the people said.Theresa said KVAT.But suddenly her office door opened and Bea came.Bea said that with Theresa wants to talk Doctor Peterson.Theresa said that talk later.Bea started to leave.But then Theresa said,that her need Bea help.Bea said, what is it.Theresa said that Bea should know about Ana Harrington and her life.Bea asked why.And Theresa stretched out her hand and moved a chair.And Bea said Okay.

Paulo was in his home with his wife.Then she asked what the new beginning.Paulo said that she will learn later and then he came out of the room.Alexandra looked surprised.Paulo went into the field and looked to the list there was another name Theresa Thompson

Chris was in his office with Julia and Max.Then he told them that Max get his first task.Max said, what is it . Chris said that he and Julia to find Alexandra Smith . Max looked at Julia and said that we need to work.Max came out with Julia.Chris looked at the clock and said that time to visit a friend.

Theresa was Dr.Peterson office.Peterson said that the Theresa has work in another hospital.Theresa asked why.Peterson said that he Theresa likes how Theresa work but there is one person who wants your in another hospital.And then appeared in Marc.Theresa was surprised.Marc said that his name is Derek Miller.

Alexandra was in her home with Natali.Alexandra said Natali.that Paulo has some strange list with people names . Natali said that Paulo probably have a list of people with abilities.And she started laughing.Alexadra said that these people are.But Natali assured her that it is only Paulo imagination . Alexandra began to shout and say it is real . But anyway Natali not agreed . But suddenly someone rang in door . Alexandra opened and there was Max with Julia . And Max said, that they should talk.

Chris was in his office . But suddenly appeared Rachel and Jill. Then Chris asked what they are doing here . And Rachel said, that it can look in the past . Chris said okay.And they began to go into the room where Oscar was . Chris looked at Oscar and said that Rachel has to see where he hidden by a building project. And she put her hands on Oscar's head.

Memorable Quotes

"What you're doing here?"

"I can see people past."

- Chris, Rachel

"Now see his past."

- Chris, (to Rachel)

"We need to talk."

- Max, (to Alexandra)

"My name Derek Miller."

- Marc, (to Theresa)

"What the People said?"


- David, Theresa

Character Appearances


Episodes edit
Season One

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