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My name is... , Part 1
Season: One
Episode number: 12
First aired: January 29, 2010
File:My name is... , Part 1.jpg
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: Secret
Next episode: My name is ... ,Part 2


  • Sarah start worie about Robert because he start dying.
  • Theresa have mission find divace who can control minds.


Chris was in unknown house he look in photo on the wall . In Photo was seen Rachel and Melissa . Chris take photo of the wall and say that he find about Rachel but tha the saw photo of the Ana and unknown men and say that he find who are Rachel and Melissa and say that now he are angry for that what Ana and her daughters did and he remember what Ana did to him.

1 years ago Chris was in his office with Ana and Ana say that her husban Jack are off the city and Chris ask how her daughters are Ana say that her daughter Rachel are now work in police and her another daughter Melissa work for Paulo Smith and that Ana look in Chris and ask to show building plans but Chris start go angry and say that building plans are not for her . That Ana stand and say that she have building plans and walk away from Chris office . Chris look angry and take phone and call to sombody and say that need hide building plans.

Now Rachel was in Marc office and that in his office show Melissa . Rachel ask what Melissa do here and Melissa say that Marc call to her and that Marc show and say that he know that they lie about their name and that now their work for KVAT but Melissa say that thei not work for KVAT they just help KVAT and want find answers about their mom . But Marc say that their mom was best member of KVAT but all change but that Marc say that they have mission to build machine who are in room 45 . Rachel ask about Machine and Marc say that Machine can send people in alternate world . Rachel smile and ask did this are joke but Marc say that alternate world are real.

Jill walk with building plan and gave it to Sam . Sam ask how she find building plans . But Jill say to Sam and he better go to work .

1 days ago Rachel was in her car but that sombody cell her . Rachel answer and Melissa voice came . Melissa ask where Rachel are and Rachel answer to her that she try find where live Emma Olsen . Melissa ask what are Emma and Rachel asnwer that mistery women but that Melissa say that she need go because Jill are back . Jill back in Melissa car and ask with who she talk and Melissa answer that his her boyfriend and Jill say to Melissa that now they need visit Ruby Sprat.

Now Chris walk in Rachel and Melissa house and that walk upstairs and open first door who was upstair and there was Rachel photo with Melissa and Ted . Chris look in photo and say that he find more that he want but that he saw black box . Chris take box and open her and there was letter . He look in later in start read it . There was write ,, Dear Rachel you have gift and you need use that gift to stop people from alternate world , you dad Justin Harrington .

Theresa was in her car and she look in photo who was on next seat there was her and Oscar photo where they was young . But that Theresa stretched her hand and open windon and with her hand she threw photo off her car and start cry and ask what she do that her life become that.

Ruby was in Oscar house and ask did Oscar still love Theresa . Oscar say yes and make forcefield . Ruby ask why did he make forcefield and Oscar answer that they go in KVAT and they return building plans but Rachel say that those womens was strong and say that they ability was where strong.

1 day ago Ruby was in her home she watch TV but that sombody knock in her door . She open and there was Melissa and Jill . Jill show gun in Ruby . But that Ruby grab knife and stab Jill but that Jill wound start heal and Ruby look surprise but that sombody attack here and she fell on ground . She open and Melissa and Ruby was gone . She stand and open door in starnge place and look every where and look sad and say that they took building plans.

Now Rachel and Melissa was in KVAT corridor they speak and Rachel say that she think that KVAT are good organization . Melissa ask why she think that and Rachel answer that she remember how her mom say to her about magic place who help people.

24 years ago young Rachel who was 5 years old play with unknown boy . But that women show and take boy and say that them need go home but boy say that he don't want go home but women say Robert why need go home because you sister is left home alone with her drunk father and that Robert look in Rachel and say goodbey and Rachel say goodbey and she look how Robert and his mother left her but that Anna show and Rachel ask where she watch and Anna answer in magic place.

Now Chris was still in Rachel house but that sombody open door . Chris start run past but that he stop and there was men and Chris look in men and ask who he are and men answer that his name are Jack Page and he are father of Melissa Page.

Memorable Quotes

Character Appearances


  • Max , Paulo , Sarah , David and Alexandra does not appear in this episode.
  • Also Robert apper as young version in this episode he appear first episode after his death.
  • Nadia actually have appear in this episode because she was created in all episodes when she first time appear . Nadia does not appear in this episode it's possible that she appear in others.

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