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Season: One
Episode number: 2
First aired: June 20, 2010
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: New world
Next episode: Map


  • Theresa tells David about her ability.
  • Rachel finds a letter from her mother.


Paulo was Marc home they talked.Paulo ask why he it's here.Marc said that he has a special list of people with abilities .And Paulo said that Marc has to show that list.And then Marc pulled out a paper . Paulo smiled.

Rachel and Ted was Rachel mother ward.Her mother was lying in bed . Suddenly Rachel saw something on the ground.Rachel picked up and there was written:My daughter if I die.You have to kill Marc Velson.Then Rachel said ,,okay,,.

Theresa was in her office . She looked into the cup and he moved . She looked into the cup.But suddenly her office door opened and came to her brother.

Paulo was returning to his home . He looked on the list.

Rachel was at her mother ward.Suddenly, the ward doors openand then came nurse Bea.Bea looked at Rachel and said,that her want to see one man.

Sarah and Robert was plane.Robert looked at Sarah and said that their vacation began.

Theresa and David speaking . Then David said to Theresa that she has the ability.And David asked what the ability.She said that she can move objects.

Paulo was in his car.He looked down the list first name there was Max Anderson.

Rachel was corridor .Then, at the Marc came to her.Rachel looked at him and asked what it is.Then he said to his name Marc Velson.Rachel was frightened and began to scream.Melissa came to the hospital and heard Rachel scream Then she started to run to scream side.She seen as Rachel talks to Marcand she asked what happened.Rachel told that this man is dangerous.Melissa stretched hands. Both of them proved to spark and electric shock who killed the Marc.Then Rachel and Melissa started run.When they ran they faced with David and Theresa.And then David said that he saw Melissa ability.

Max was in his room. Suddenly, someone ring the door. Max opened and he saw Paulo.

Marc woke up it was locked to chairs.Then he began to scream.And then appeared in Melissa, Rachel, David, Teresa.Rachel said that he will have to answer her questions.

Memorable Quotes

"I have a list of people with abilities."

- Marc (to Paulo)

"I have the ability."

"What ability."

"move objects."

- Theresa, David

"Now you answer to my questions."

- Rachel (to Marc)

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