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*[[User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Rachel Harrington|Rachel]]
*[[User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Rachel Harrington|Rachel]]
*[[User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Alexandra Smith|Alexandra]] , [[User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Paulo Smith|Paulo]] , [[User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Oscar|Oscar]] does not appear in this episode.

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Season: One
Episode number: 11
First aired: December 25, 2010
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: Finally Found


  • Sarah start worie about Robert because he start dying.
  • Theresa have mission find divace who can control minds.


Theresa was with Marc in his office . That Marc look in her and say that she have mission . Theresa ask what mission and Marc say find divice who can control minds that Theresa ask what have that divace and Marc say that she have to search where she can find it and that Marc show strange cell phone for Theresa and give her the cell phone . Theresa ask what the phone is and Marc answer that the phone is special.

Sarah was in Robert hospital room . Robert was sleeping but that he start breath strange . Sarah look in him and start scream for help . That Bea came in room and ask what happen and Sarah say that Robert breath strange and that Bea say to Sarah that she go find Dr. Peterson . Sarah say okay and Bea run out from Room . Dr. Peterson was in his office but that appear Bea and she look in him and say that Robert Malvin start die.

David was in his house he watch tv . But that sombody knock in house door he open and see Nadia he ask who see it's and Nadia say that she are good friend with Marc Velson . David look in her and ask did she are member of the KVAT but Nadia say that she not and David ask why did she came to his house and Nadia say that they can't trust KVAT . David ask why and Nadia say that she just know all about KVAT.

In alternate world Max was in Robert house and he ask how Robert send him in his world . Robert answer that he don't know but there are many ways to return in orginal world and he find one way.

Robert was on operation table few doctor do operation for him . Sarah look in Bea and ask did Robert survived . Bea answer that she don't know . Sarah look in Robert and start cry . That Bea look in her and say that they save Robert and that she say that they need go for speak . Sarah ask speak about what and Bea say about some thing that they two need speak.

Theresa knock in some apartment door . That young girld Katy and her mom Jane open door . Theresa look at them and say did they know where she can't find Ted Noax . That Jane say that they don't know were Ted live and Theresa walk away . That Jane and Katy back again to apartment and Ted show . Katy look in Ted and ask did she search for Katy mind control divice and Ted nobs.

Marc was in his office that sombody call in his phone . Marc answer and that her Nadia voice and she say that she have contacs with one of KVAT members brother . Marc ask about what she speak . Nadia answer athat she speak about Theresa Thompson brother and that Marc face turn angry .

Sarah and Bea was speaking in Theresa office . Bea ask did Sarah believe that Robert survivors . Sarah answer not . Bea ask why and ask did this have contacs with KVAT . Sarah nobs . And that show Dr. Peterson he look in Sarah and say that Robert die . Sarah look upset in Bea and say that she say true . That Dr. Peterson say that he need speak with Sarah . Sarah ask about what and that Dr. Peterson say that they find strange think in Robert heart .

Rachel look in sombody person grave that her phone ring . She answer and Marc voice came . Rachel ask how Marc escape and that Marc say that sombody help him and that Marc say that now him need Rachel help . Rachel ask what help and Marc say that she find soon when she appear in KVAT building.

Sarah was together with Dr. Peterson . They walk were Robert body was . That Dr. Peterson show Marc heart with strange metal think . Sarah ask what it is and Dr. Peterson say that he don't know.

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