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Volume One:World

The one volume of Life Choice is entitled World.


New world
Playing with fire

The Long Answer


Chapter One -- New world
Airdate...17 June 2010

Policeman Rachel Harrington learns that her mother cancer.Scientist Paulo Smith looking for people with ability.Doctor Theresa Thompson finds her ability

Chapter Two -- Plan
Airdate...20 June 2010

Theresa tells David about her ability.Rachel finds a letter from her mother.

Chapter Three -- Map
Airdate...27 June 2010

Rachel and Melissa joined the company named KVAT.Max has also become member of KVAT

Chapter Four -- Playing with fire
Airdate...04 July 2010
Rachel and Jill goes to a mysterious woman.Melissa tries to help Oscar.Chris wants to hear Answers from Oscar about project V2.
Chapter Five -- Heart
Airdate...11 July 2010
Max and Julia get a task.Theresa asks Bea to find the Ana Harrington in the past. Rachel begins to use her ability on Oscar.
Chapter Six -- The Long Answer
Airdate...13 August 2010
Rachel used her ability to see whereOscar hide building project.David and Bea learn about KVAT.


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