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Theresa Thompson
Portrayed by Jenni Blong
First appearance Did You Know
In-story stats
Age 36
Date of birth 1974/02/17

Theresa Thompson(alt) is alternate version of Theresa

Character History

Did You Know

In alternate world Theresa walk in coffe where man meet with her . Man ask to her if Max are in this world and Theresa say yes . Man say good and say that now they need that Max alternate version change his orginal version in real world . Theresa ask where Max are now and Man answer that Max work with woman who has connection with all people in real world.

Later Theresa knock in door that man open . Theresa look in man and say Vilson . Max here but Alexandra and Julia are between real and alternate world and that Vilson say to her that they have mission find Alexandra and Julia and that Vilson all body start turn in sand.

Finally Found

When Paulo apear in alternate world . Theresa apear to him and lead to Paulo meet with his alternate version.

Evolved Human Abilities

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