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Name Alexis Duran
Age 18
Date of Birth June 30 1989
Date of Death December 15 2012 (Probably)
Place of origin USA
"Nothing Is Impossible Just Highly Improbable"


TV Shows
Heroes Lost The Simpsons Pokemon Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Fairly Oddparents Jimmy Neutron
Languages I Speak
English and Spanish


Real name is Alexis Duran I am easly described as a weird guy or as I say an eccentirc dude

I love Lost and Heoes and many other tv shows

I have a website :

I love mythology and I have written stories of weird stuff that often has to do with it on my website. Look up. my birthday is June 30

Heroes Connection

Character I'm Most Like: Hiro

Power I have: Precognition, just not as strong as Issac




--Addude 15:05, 8 December 2006 (EST)

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Things I like

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