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Rictor disintegrates a government agent.
Held by: Rictor Trundall
Ability to: Reduce solid matter to ash.

Disintegration is the ability to reduce solid matter to ash by emmitting ultra-heated invisible waves from the body.



Rictor is capable of instantly reducing fully grown men into piles of ash without so much as a moment's thought. Rictor emits ultrapowerful invisible heat waves that, upon making contact with the surface of an object, instantly reduce said object to dust. Rictor is able to disintegrate multiple objects at once and then shift his target almost instantly from one object to another as he did when disintegrating DHS agents one at a time. (Angola)

Memorable Quotes

"Ashes to ashes."

- Rictor (Rebellion)

See Also

  • For the similar ability to incinerate the insides of other people, see Incineration
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