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Fbi agent ii.jpg
Portrayed by Bobby Hosea
First appearance Chronicles: Special
In-story stats
Date of death 2007
Occupation Company Agent

Tom was a Company Agent who was partnered with Elisa Douglas.

Character History


Tom accomponies Elisa, Tyson Russel and The Seer on a bag and tag mission. Both he and Tyson approach their target's home and are both subdued by his telekinetic powers.

Later, the agent tazers Joshua while he is half way through dematerializing into water. This stuns him long enough for Elisa to sedate him.


Tom, Elisa, Tyson and Ethan infiltrate Pinehearst in order to rescue fellow agent Jordan. Tom and Tyson shoot most Pinehearst agents that get in there way but they, along with Ethan, are forced to take cover when a group of agents open fire on them. After Elisa defeats them, Tom, Tyson and Ethan join her once more. The team heads into the file room, where they meet up with Jordan.

After the brief reunion, Tom loads his gun in preparation for the trip out of Pinehearst. As he is loading it, he is shot dead by Lois Freeman.

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