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Episode number: 108
First aired: 22/7/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Agent Jordan
Previous episode: Fallen Angel
Next episode: Roads Ahead


This article is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.


  • Joshua fights against Emily.
  • Under Jordan’s guidance, the other agents rush to aid Joshua.
  • Emily struggles to fight the monster within.
  • Help arrives and a catastrophic battle ensues, resulting in the deaths of two.


Jordan, Tyson, Elisa and Ethan exit the Pinehearst building and rush to a waiting car. Tyson tells his team that they must hurry and provide Joshua and Tina some backup. As the others enter the car, Jordan begins to struggle for air as his foresight power begins to manifest. Jordan flashes to the warehouse and witnesses Emily begin to remove Joshua’s soul. Jordan’s vision ends and he regains consciousness to find his comrades standing over him. He quickly gets up and tells them that they don’t have much time.

In the warehouse, Emily smiles at Joshua and raises her hand. Joshua falls to the floor as his soul begins to pour out. Emily laughs at him as he dies and in a last ditch effort, Joshua telekinetically throws her into a wall, halting her power. Joshua gets to his feet and runs for the door. He focuses on it and raises his hand to telekinetically remove the lock. Emily gets up and smiles at Joshua. Her eyes glow white and Joshua flies back into the wall, pinned. Emily walks up to him and tells him that she can control his body and soul. She once again attempts to remove his soul but is stopped when the warehouse door smashes down. Tina enters, brandishing her gun.

Emily sighs at Tina’s arrival and uses her power to throw her to the wall. Tina tells Emily to take control of her power and Emily spits at her, saying that she doesn’t want to control her hunger anymore. Joshua dematerializes and lunges at Emily, materializing seconds before impact. Emily falls to the floor and yells out in pain. Tina falls to the floor and rushes to Joshua, telling him they must sedate her. Before Tina can get the sedative, Emily reaches up and grabs her stomach, quickly removing her soul. Tina falls to the floor, dead, and Joshua telekinetically holds Emily in place.

Along a busy road, Elisa expresses her concern for Joshua and Tina’s safety. Ethan worries that their souls will be removed but Tyson informs him that if Emily is as adept at controlling her powers as he believes she is, she can also return the souls she takes. Elisa slumps back into her seat, and asks Jordan how he is. Jordan tells her that he doesn’t feel Tina anymore. Elisa and Ethan look at him but Jordan tells them her body is empty, but she is still “around”.

Joshua cries over Tina’s body and Emily comments on how quickly Tina died, stating that it wasn’t painless. Joshua asks how she could be so cold. Emily stares at the body and a tear roles down her face. She looks around and then seems to acknowledge Tina’s body and asks Joshua what happened. Joshua, confused, tells her that she killed Tina. Emily begins to cry and tells Joshua that it wasn’t her and he must kill her. Joshua realises that Emily has taken control of her “other self” and has no memory over what she did to Tina. He releases his hold over her and asks if she can bring Tina back. Emily, remorseful, asks Joshua to promise to kill her if she brings her back. Joshua promises and Emily smiles, places her hand on Tina’s head and returns her soul.

Tina awakens and looks up at Emily, who apologises for what she did. Emily asks Joshua to kill her but Tina orders him not to, telling Emily that she is sorry but she must come back to Level 5. Emily protests her anger over this but Tina tells her it is the only way that she can live. Emily stands, yelling that she doesn’t live; she watches as something else controls her body and kills people. Tina gets up and attempts to comfort Emily. As she does this, Tyson, Ethan, Elisa and Jordan enter the warehouse, weapons out. Tyson points at Emily and tazers her. Before the tazer hits, Emily, smiling, grabs Tina and pulls her in the line of fire. Tina is tazered and Emily looks at Tyson, asking if he remembers her promise.

Ethan moves forward and generates a sphere of energy. He throws it at Emily but she quickly moves out of the way. Using her power, Emily repels Tyson, Jordan, Joshua and Elisa away as Ethan pulls out his gun. Emily pulls out Alan’s gun and replies that it was a pleasure to meet him. Emily fires the gun and shoots Ethan twice in the chest. As he falls to the floor, Emily stands over his body and, in a big burst, absorbs his soul. Elisa cries out in grief and looks up as Emily replies that it is her turn.

Elisa dematerializes and expands herself, smashing into Emily as a mini wave. Emily quickly recovers from this and uses a different aspect of her power to force Elisa back into her normal state. Elisa is shocked and Emily knocks her out by beating her face with the back of her gun. Jordan runs towards Emily but she throws him back high into the rafters. He hits them hard and then crashes into the ground. Before he falls unconscious, his eyes fade away and he has another vision. Tyson fires three bullets towards Emily but they all miss and Emily asks if his heart is really in his aim. Joshua fires a shockwave that sends Emily crashing into several boxes. She gets angrier and says that Joshua is a bastard. She raises her hands and, as one, Joshua and Tyson fall down, clutching their throats. Their eyes and mouths shine and Emily smiles in satisfaction.

Elsewhere, Angela, having awakened from her coma, enters her office and opens several files that have been scattered on her desk. She reads up on Emily and opens her mouth in shock. She picks up her phone and dials a number speedily.

As Joshua chokes, he hears Tina’s phone ring. Curious, Emily stops her power and walks over to it. Tyson tries to move but Emily keeps him locked in place and picks up the phone. She answers it and asks who it is. Angela tells Emily that she can fight “Lily” and become a good person. On the other end, Emily drops the phone and steps backwards. Feeling that the control on him has weakened, Tyson gets up and shoots a bullet directly at Emily’s head.

Moaning, Tina slowly gets up and her eyes widen as she sees what has happened. Tyson continues to stand with his arm outstretched and his gun aimed directly at Emily. Emily, who seems to have reverted back to her kind self, is clearly bewildered by what has happened. The bullet has been stopped seconds before it has hit her by Joshua, who is standing and clutching at a broken arm. Tina demands to know what he is doing and Joshua says that Emily is not an evil person. Tina pulls out a taser and tells Joshua to let the bullet go, as she has killed too many people. Emily tells him to do it but Joshua yells no. Tina tazers Joshua and the bullet is released. Before it hits her, Emily lets out an agonizing scream and explodes in a mass of white light. When the light clears, Tina, Joshua, Jordan, Tyson and Elisa are all on separate sides of the warehouse. Amazed at what has happened, Tyson delivers the final line of the episode, “Holy shi-”.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"My power, it's body and soul, I can control you!"

- Emily to Joshua

"Oh no, it's the wannabe hero."

- Emily, referring to Tina

"Tina's gone. There's no doubt about that. But I still feel her. Don't worry. She's still around."

- Jordan to Ethan and Elisa

"Sorry 'bout that."

- Emily, after returning Tina's soul

"I'll shoot!'""

"Me first."

- Ethan, Emily

"Holy shi-"

- Tyson


  • "I'll shoot!" were Ethan's final words.
  • "Do it!" were Emily's final words.

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