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Samantha Russel
Portrayed by Jenni Baird
First appearance Side Story: Mother Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Transmutation
Age 34
Occupation Company Agent
Child Tyson Russel

Samantha Russel was the mother of Tyson Russel. She had the ability to transmutate objects into organic substances. Samantha died after becoming infected with the Shanti Virus.

Character History

Welcome To Primatech

Tyson tells Joshua Lincoln that his mother manifested a special ability and she was killed because of it.

Side Story: Mother Part 1

18 years ago, while walking down the street, Samantha purchases a flower from a street vendor. She gets into her can and transmutates her pen into an exact duplicate of her new flower. Tessa Harris, her partner, asks why she has two flowers, revealing that she has been hiding in the back seat. Before Samantha can reply, Tessa tells her that they have to move if they want to finish their mission.

They arrive outside of a hotel and Tessa explains that their target, Wesly Ford, has used his ability to form a cult that is completely devoted to him. She asks Samantha if she is ready and waits outside the car. Samantha, looking worried, holds her necklace and whispers "Tyson". Samantha asks what Ford can do and Tessa explains that he can influence someone as long as he is touching them, calling it "Hypnotic Touch". The women sneak into the hotel, surprised that there are no guards. They notice some posters of Ford with the slogan, "The man who could move a nation!". Samantha wonders how he could control so many people and Ford asks if she would like to find out. Tessa and Samantha turn to see Ford standing with a large group of his followers. When he raises his hand, Samantha pulls out her gun and looks to Tessa to do the same. Samantha is shocked to see Tessa kneeling on the floor, swearing her undying loyalty to Ford. Samantha and Ford meet eyes and Samantha kneels also, saying that she loves him.

Side Story: Mother Part 2

Samantha and Tessa sit and discuss how Wesly makes them feel. Wesly himself comes up to them and they lovingly ask if he needs anything. Smiling, Wesly replies that he would like the world.

Soon, while looking for Wesly, Samantha finds him abusing a fellow follower. Samantha becomes scared after Wesly tells her to leave and forget what she saw. As she is walking away, a picture falls from her pocket. She picks it up and sees that it is a picture that was drawn by Tyson when he was 4. Wesly's hold over her is broken and Samantha realises what he is going to do. She turns back and Wesly appears, claiming that they weren't really fighting. Samantha sees the dead body of the follower in his room, making Wesly pull her inside. Wesly tells her that he is going to punish her, but that she will love every minute of it. Samantha calls him sick and Wesly snatches the picutre from her hand. He laughs as he sees it and rips it aparts. Angry, Samantha stands and when Wesly tries to hit her, she deflects his arm and pulls out her gun. Wesly steps back and tells her to put the gun down. He tries to grab her but she shoots him in the leg.

Later, Tessa and Samantha are at Wesly's funeral. Tessa tells Samantha that the Company removed any trace of her ability from the autopsy report and that they are regarded as heroes amongst the other agents. Samantha tells her that she is dying and transmutates a pen into a wilting flower. She tells Tessa that she has the "Shanti Virus" and that she doesn't want Tyson to know. She leaves Tessa and gets into her car, holding her necklace and whispering Tyson's name over and over again.

Evolved Human Abilities

Samantha had the ability to alter the chemical makeup of objects, allowing her to transmutate objects into organic substances such as plants. She has demonstrated this ability by successfully transmutating a pen into a flower. When Samantha was dying, her ability created organic substances that were also dying.


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