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Love Story Part 1
My Heart's Keeper
Episode number: 501
First aired: 17/10/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Agent Jordan
Previous episode: Teardrop Part 2
Next episode: Love Story Part 2


This page is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.



In a warehouse somewhere in Miami, Santiago rummages through some boxes. He mumbles something about finding the package. Elisa steps up behind him and tells him that they need to hurry because the guards didn't like getting wet. Santiago gets her to help him sort through the boxes until they pull out a small package with a strange symbol on it. The symbol is a hammer surrounded by four stars. Elisa smiles happily and says that they have found it.

Elsewhere, in Washington, Cathy Noble is eating alone at a park. Kevin Haile sits down beside her and starts up a conversation. Cathy introduces herself to him and he smiles, saying that he already knows who she is. She wonders how he knew and Kevin explains that he knows Cathy escaped from Building 26 during the recent breakout. Cathy stands and warns him that she can hurt him but Kevin tells her that he just wants to help her. He reaches out and touches her shoulder, teleporting the two of them into a room full of people. Rictor Trundall welcomes Cathy to the team.

Elisa and Santiago prepare to leave. Santiago asks her if she is ready and Elisa nods. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard and Santiago turns. He sees the bullet coming and speed Elisa out of the way. He is shot in the shoulder and his ability stops working. The guards come closer but Elisa raises her hand and creates a massive wave of water that crashes into the guards. She then grabs Santiago and the two of them decompose into water. They rematerialize outside and Elisa tells Santiago that they have to get him to a hospital. Santiago tells her that the government will be watching the hospitals and that she will have to bandage the wound. Elisa looks around and tells him that they should hide.

In Washington, Cathy sits alone and watches her new teammates discuss their plans. Rictor speaks with several people at once, barking out orders to all of them. Kevin comes over and sits with Cathy. She wonders why he brought her to the team and Kevin says that he actually saw her in Building 26 and has wanted to talk to her since then. Cathy begins to cry and tells him that they found her in London and that her family has no idea where she is. Kevin tells her not to seem sad around Rictor as he may punish her. Cathy becomes angry and asks why she should stay. Kevin smiles and teleports Cathy to London. He tells her that she can spend the day with her family but if she doesn't come back then Rictor will find her and kill her. Cathy thanks him and goes inside the house.

Elisa and Santiago enter a small home and Elisa steals some bandages. Santiago asks how she knows how to bandage people and she explains that when she was in the Company, she went on a two month long mission in which she went undercover as a nurse. She says that the target and her became close friends and that she let him go. Santiago asks why she did that and Elisa says that at the time, she needed a friend. Santiago kisses her and Elisa hugs him, saying that she can't lose him.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"We need to hurry. The guards didn't like getting wet."

- Elisa to Santiago

"If you come any closer then I'll have to hurt you. And something tells me that you know I can."

- Cathy to Kevin

"I had a mission. It lasted two months. Heavy stuff, deep undercover. I had to spend two months as a nurse. My target, Brayden Sharp, was very nice to me. We became great friends. Then when the time came to bag him... I let him go."


"Because I cherished his friendship just as much as I cherish you."

- Elisa, Santiago

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