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Powers Ability mimicry (synthetic)
Known abilities mimicked:
Electric manipulation, Shadow mimicry, Healing, Enhanced jumping, Molecular combustion
Sex Male
Age 17
Date of birth August 10, 1991
Home somewhere on Earth
Favorite Heroes quote "I know you are scared Claire. I would be scared too if I were with someone like me". Sylar

Hello to all who visits my page. I am Altes; you can call me 'Al'. I am a fan of Heroes and many other shows, such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, Merlin, Death Note, Charmed etc. Yeah, I love science fiction and fantasy. Our dreams, our belief in miracles - this is what makes our lives beautiful, although not easier. Who knows? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we humans need to concentrate upon the problems of our imperfect, 'sick' world... Nah. Life is too short. Sure we have to care about the future of our descendants... But what about us? What about me? I am a dreamer who can hardly become any more serious, who will never attend to anything... Like Peter or Hiro, haha) For those who might wanna contact me beyond this wiki, search for 478453736 in your ICQ.