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Luck transferal
Powers Linda dream man.jpg
Altes touches a man and absorbs his luck.
Held by: Altes
Ability to: Transfer luck between people

Luck transferal, also known as luck vampirism, is the ability to sense and transfer amounts of luck from one person to another.


  • Altes is the only known holder of this ability so far.


Altes has discovered he can sense what amounts of luck people have within them, and transfer them to himself, increasing his own amount. It appears that the total amount of luck is limited, and its further absorption will just cause Altes lose what he steals. How it affects the donors of luck is yet unknown. The effect of stolen luck, although immediate, is short-lasting. Altes can also use his luck selectively. Whether he can use his ability to give luck to other people remains yet to be discovered.

Memorable Quotes

"I can feel the warmth of what I've stolen."

- Altes

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