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Shadow manipulation
Blackheart in a full body Shadowform state
Held by: Blackheart
Ability to: Convert darkness into physical matter and teleport via shadows.

Shadow manipulation is the ability to convert photon-free particles into an unidentified form of "shadow matter" on a subatomic level, which can then be manipulated telekinetically to form objects or used as a medium for teleportation.

Shadowform Manifestation

The most common action of Shadow manipulation is the ability to convert darkness and shadow into solid matter, known as Shadowform material, or a shadow construct. Subatomic particles that are free of photon radiation (i.e., particles that are free of light and immersed in darkness) are somehow transmuted from one form of matter to another. Only gaseous and free-floating particles can be affected, which are transformed directly into a solid form similarly to desublimation, and the transmutation process is instantaneous. Common Shadowforms include blades and stabbing weapons.

Immediately following conversion, the Shadowform retains an amorphous shape until it is telekinetically altered by the wielder. Once a Shadowform is solidified, it cannot be reformed. A Shadowform will retain its shape until the user consciously dismisses it, loses consciousness, or leaves the vicinity of the object, at which point it will return to a gaseous form and dissipate. The range of the telekinetic aspect of this ability is limited strictly to the shaping of Shadowforms and cannot be used in any other way.


Another usage of Shadow manipulation is as a means of teleportation. The user has the ability to enter into darkness as a portal, thereby entering into an unknown space, and is thus able to emerge from another similar portal at an alternate location. Lower skill levels restrict the user to teleporting within a single connected shadow, but more advanced users are capable of unrestricted transportation.

Total Bodily Conversion

At higher control indexes a user is capable of converting their entire body mass into Shadowform material. Their biological functions are unaffected and they retain conscious thought, but they are able to then enter into a state of intangibility, allowing them to phase through solid matter and even appear invisible in low light conditions.

Dark Matter Theory

Investigations into the nature of Shadow manipulation have posited that the ability has a direct relationship with Dark Matter and Dark Energy. As these cosmic elements are still very foreign and not entirely understood, it has been suggested that the conversion of particles into Shadow material is in fact a method of converting matter into Dark Matter, and that a Shadowform itself is pure Dark Matter.

It has been theorized that Dark Matter has an effect on gravity and quantum mechanics, which could account for the ability to teleport through shadow. This may be the result of the creation of "Dark Matter portals" within the shadow which would allow the navigation of space-time, similar to passage through a wormhole in outer space. Hypothetically, this could be extended to allow travel through time and even through space outside of the confines of Earth. Considering that outer space is basically an infinite void of darkness, Shadow manipulation could be an integral utility in the advancement of space travel.