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Ability to: Mentally manipulate bones

Osteokinesis is the ability to control the bones in one's body. A person with this ability can reshape their bones in many different ways, such as making them as heavy and dense as steel, or as light and hollow as bird's bones. The advantages of this is that the user can block blows from attacks that would normally shatter bones, such as a punch from a person with enhanced strength, without suffereing bone damage. The user can lighten their bone density so they can jump higher or further, allowing for limited flight. The user is also able to project bones from their skin, and manipulate the bone so it can become a sort of armour. Naturally, the user can heal bone tissue faster then normal, and increasing bone density allows for greater strength and durability.


The user cannot heal back from skin or organ damage, only bone damage. While the user may have greater strength and durability, it is not on par with persons with enhanced strength. If this ability was to be supercharged, the user would be able to break bones in an opponant, or even total control over their bodies