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Ability to: Recreate broken or destroyed objects

Reconstruction is the ability to rebuild or recreate an object that has been destroyed. This ability would allow a person to come in contact with a broken object, and the user would be able to rebuild it to its original form. Example: If a table breaks or is otherwise broken, the user could touch the table and it would reconstruct itself.


This power is based on mental concentration. The more the user concentrates, the larger the object they can reconstruct. With intense, nose-bleeding concentration, the user is limited to reconstructing something as large as an average room. The ability does not allow the user to reconstruct organic matter. Such an ability would be more along the lines of rapid cell regeneration or healing. Nor does this ability grant telekinesis. The user must touch the object they wish to rebuild. The object the user wishes to rebuild must still have a semblance of its original self. Example: if a room is burnt, the user could only reconstruct the room if the basic shape of the room was intact. The Bennet house would be unable to be rebuild as it was blown up. If this power was to be supercharged, the user could rebuild much larger objects, such as the Primatech building (provided the building's 'skeleton' was still standing')