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X-ray vision
XRay vision.jpg
Ability to: See through objects

X-ray vision is the ability to perceive X-rays and see through solid objects.


X-ray vision allows the user to perceive natural X-rays and see through solid objects. The user of this ability cannot emit X-rays.

Power in action

  • Scan luggage or containers for explosives or other hazardous material.
  • Use X-ray vision to examine injured body parts of an individual to determine if the bones are broken.
  • Scan walls in your surrounding to check for structural weaknesses.
  • Cheat in find the needle in the haystack.
  • Scan a bathroom before opening up the door to make sure it isn't occupied.

Memorable Quotes

"Everything's so blurry..."
-Puddle of Mudd

"...I see right through you"
-'N Sync


  • This ability cannot be used if there are no present X-rays.

Special Notes

If my pages offend anyone please make necessary changes on the page and place comments in my user talk. Thanks! ---- - Bender · Talk- 20:29, 27 November 2008 (EST) (talk)

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