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This is a list of powers that I gave a bunch of my friends that were not any powers that are on this wiki yet

Fan Powers


The ability to make anything explode violently, even entire galaxies. One can also control the explosion. also known as Absolute Combustion Inducing.

Corporeal Fire & Ice

The ability to turn half of one's body into unquenchable fire and half into unmeltable ice. One can shoot fire and ice from one's body, and control it, but the fire/ice used as projectiles can be put out/melted. only the fire/ice on the body is still permanent untill one deactivates his/her power.

Elemental control

The ability to conjur and control fire, water, earth and air.

Enhanced Knowlege

The ability to have the potential to know everything.

Enhanced Lower Body Strength

The ability to have extremely strong legs, making one kick harder, jump higher, and grants one mild Enhanced speed.


The ability to make one partially/entirely grow to enormous sizes and masses.


The ability to see anything happening in the present.

Heat Vision

Do I really need to explain?!?

Ice Vision

The polar opposite of heat vision: Freezing stuff with vision!!!

Imagination Manifestation

The ability to create things from one's imagination. Works well with Enhanced Knowlege.

Meat Vision

The ability to make meat materialize anywhere one can see or turn anything into meat.


Simmilar to Empathic mimicry, only one can use any one power at will, no need to encounter the one with the real copy. The catch: you can only use one power at a time.

Midas' touch

Simmilar to Alchemy, only you can only turn stuff into gold. Nothing else.


The opposite of Expansion: shrinking!

Nail/tooth enhancement

The ability to grow one's teeth/finger nails into fangs/blades.


The ability to obtain the powers of those who have died since the manifestation of one's powers, as long as it is not utilized by another. For example, if Matt Parkman is still alive and Maury Parkman is dead, the wielder of Necro-mimicry would not have Telepathy, but if they are both dead, then the one with necro-mimicry would have said power

Occular possession

The ability to control another's mind via eye contact.

Paradox induction

The ability alter events that happened in a timeline and create a new timeline, while traveling through it at a constant rate. The user also has omnisciance.

PB&J Vision

The same thing as Meat Vision, only with penut butter and Jelly sandwiches. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, pretty lame, I know.)

Puppet Mastery

The ability to control puppets of all kinds with one's mind.

Self Liquifaction

The ability to turn one's self into a silvery metalic liquid, and move on one's own in this state. The user can also go back to normal human form at will.


The ability to have all the powers superman has (super strength, enhanced speed, flight, heat vision, x-ray vision, gale exhalation, etc.), only at very mild state.

"Total Blank"

This ability is a combination of power Negation and inperceptability, thus one can become invisible, inaudible, intangible and can cancel out other's powers.


The ability to creat a sticky, spider-web-like substance and use it to swing, tie up enemies, etc.