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Reactive Adaptation
Held by: Lance Callahan,
(formerly) Dr. Dare,
Tyler Evans (deceased),
Blaine Salem(deceased)
Ability to: Reactive Adaptation

Adapt your body to any detrimental situation, for example if a person with the ability was burned by fire he would become immune to fire, if he was shot he would become immune to bullets and so on.

Lance Callahan

Lance has displayed the most proficiency with this ability in that he never been seen taking damage from any form of weapon. He is also the only surviving holder of this ability.

All Others

Dare, Evans and Salem have all shown limited proficiency with this ability, only able to protect themselves from a few types of damage at a time.



Lance's version of this ability has shown no limitations, he is immune to all known forms of damage, even those he has not encountered before.


Dare, Evans and Salem have only been able to protect themselves from a maximum of three kinds of damage at a time.

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