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| link = User:Boycool42/Noh's Apprentice/Volume One/Chapter Seven
| link = User:Boycool42/Noh's Apprentice/Volume One/Chapter Eight
| text = Truth
| text = Turning Point
| image = Katebennetdead.jpg
| image = Another theory Hysterical Blindness.JPG
| releasedate = June 7, 2010
| releasedate = June 14, 2010
| summary = The truth comes out.
| summary = As Chandler and friends must return to reality, Pyro begins to '''turn''' on Noh.  But Noh isn't finished yet.

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Noh's Apprentice
Noh's Apprentice.png

Lord Noh
One of the most powerful, but aging, people on the planet.

Noh's pyrokinetic apprentice who is struggling to live up to the legend..

Chandler Smithson
An invincible policeman who stumbles upon a conspiracy bigger than his problems.

Noh's Apprentice is a mini-series created by the user Boycool. It is a companion piece to Heroes and takes place sometime in the near future.

Volume One: Reflection

The first volume, Reflection, tells the story of Chandler Smithson, a virtually invincible person, who is being used in a test. The test's purpose is this: to see if the mysterious "Lord Noh" may be succeeded by his apprentice.

Latest Chapter

Turning Point
Release Date: June 14, 2010
As Chandler and friends must return to reality, Pyro begins to turn on Noh. But Noh isn't finished yet.


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Tired of waiting for the next chapter? See here to get a taste of the chapters to come.

Noh's Apprentice edit
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