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Chicago Police Department
CPD badge.jpg
Location: Chicago, IL
Purpose: Law enforcement
First appearance Turning Point
Known leader: Lieutenant Caine
Known members: Chandler Smithson
Equipment used: Guns, Handcuffs

The Chicago Police Department is the local agency responsible for the enforcement of law in the city of Chicago, IL.


Déjà Vu

While in Chicago, Chandler mentions that he is a "rookie cop" there.


Lord Noh tortures Chandler to find out the name of the lead detective in an investigation of him.


Chandler explains to his family that he was late because he working on an investigation of his mother's murder.

Turning Point

Lieutenant Caine investigates Lord Noh's cult, the "Congregation", through multiple witnesses: Chandler Smithson, Elizabeth Castle, and Matthew Smithson.

Caine interrogates Chandler about a 30-minutes video conference between Chandler and Noh's apprentice. He threatens Chandler with physical evidence, including video footage, Chandler's blood, Chandler car, and victims shot with Chandler's gun. He threatens to take Chandler's job and have him executed, but Chandler refuses to talk.

Caine interrogates Elizabeth about the bank robbery that happened the previous month, suggesting it was an inside job. He admits that he hasn't arrested her, so she begins to exit the building. When he says he could still arrest her, she requests an attorney.

Caine interrogates Matthew about the 30-minute video conference that happened at Matthew's house. He believes that Matthew sent Chandler with Noh to avenge his wife, but Chandler got sucked into the plot. When Matthew tries to leave, Caine arrests him for accessory to murder.

The apprentice, Xander Cage, turns himself in for armed robbery.

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