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First appearance Déjà Vu
In-story stats
Known ability Mass manipulation
Formal name Unknown
Date of death Post-2013

"Dredger" is a superhuman that assisted Lord Noh in sabotaging Pyro's final test and capturing Chandler Smithson.

Character History

Déjà Vu

Lord Noh calls Dredger, expecting that Pyro will ask for his help in capturing Chandler. Lord Noh calls in a favor, ordering Dredger to accept Pyro's request but sabotage the task.

The Chase

Four weeks ago, Dredger and Pyro track Chandler to a gas station. Dredger attacks him with his ability, but is fought off by Chandler's. Pyro saves Dredger, but Chandler manages to escape.

Later, Lord Noh calls Dredger, ordering him to "call in the calvary", fight Chandler, and meet Noh at a certain location.


Dredger helps Lord Noh sabotage Pyro's final test.


Dredger and Noh torture Chandler to gain information about an investigation the Chicago Police Department is doing on them. In the end, Chandler crushes Dredger to death.


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