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  • In the final moments of his life, Chandler Smithson reflects on the events that brought him there.
    • Six weeks earlier, Chandler first encounters a mysterious figure, Lord Noh, and his apprentice.

Story Development

My Life
Volume: One
Chapter: One
First aired: April 5, 2010
Powers sylar stops bullet.jpg
Written by: Boycool
Next chapter: The Bank
Chandler Smithson · Enhanced physicality · Pyrokinesis · Telekinesis · Lord Noh · Pyro


In the near future, Chandler Smithson is sprinting through the suburbs. It is in the middle of a rainy night and pitch black outside. He finds a bicycle chained to a stop sign, rips it from the chains, and starts to ride it.

Four feet are seen running through puddles.

Chandler hits a curb and falls off the bicycle. When one of the men catches up with him, Chandler wields the bicycle as a weapon and whacks the man several yards.

Chandler, carrying the mangled bicycle, runs and climbs up the outside wall of a house. He tosses the bicycle and jumps through the window, just dodging a blast of flames.

Chandler stands in the house, breathing heavily. The bedroom door blasts in. Chandler says, “What do you want with me?” An older man with a metal cane limps in. A tall young man walks in and holds out his hand to use his power. He finds that he is unable to do anything. He yells, “What did you do?!” He angrily pulls out a handgun, aims the gun at Chandler’s head, and hesitates. Then he pulls the trigger!

Chandler’s life flashes before his eyes.

When you die, your life doesn’t flash before your eyes. Time just slows to a crawl. The mind wanders, and that moment is yours. Repent…regret…And either by the grace of God, or the hand of the devil, my moment’s been extended.

Six weeks earlier, Chandler walks into a bank.

To be continued...

Character Appearances

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