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Future John Dolan
Portrayed by Sam Worthington
In-story stats
Known ability Machine Mimicry
Alias Cross-Hair
Age 31
Date of birth 1987
Place of birth Chicago, IL
Date of death June 5, 2018 but had been revived
Home Stays hidden and on the run with his resistance fighters
Occupation Resistance Soldier
Parent Father:
John's Mother

Future John Dolan is an evolved human who lives in a Dark future, fighting a war.

Character History

Pre War

John, who goes by the name Catalyst, is an evolved human who once tried to prove to himself he could be a hero. At age twenty, he had discovered he had the ability to predict the outcome of events. When he was a bit younger, his father had wiped his memory, to save himself. He memory was later recovered when he had retrieved the catalyst from an unknown source.

The War

Now in the year 2018, he lives in this Dark future, where there is a war between humans, and and the evolved humans, but the evolved humans have the higher ground, due to the fact the leader has had much experience with the subject. Arthur Petrelli has been planning all of this out for a long time, and the plan has finally pulled through. The Company now partnered up with Danko and his team attacks the evolved humans as well. Though he has low trust on John.

Later in the beginning stages of the war, his powers were stolen by Arthur. He told him it was good seeing him again, but what needed to be dine had to be done. After he became powerless, Danko had made up a story to try to get rid of John shot him a few times in the chest. He was taken to the medics but had died. The resistance had found out about Danko's lie and put him on a wanted list. Because of a captured regenerator's blood, John was revived and fully healed. Not only was his body healed, but the scar left by Arthur was healed as well.

John's system was prone for abilities again. However his original power was gone forever. Although he did inject himself with this formula to help the humans out in the war. He hated making this choice, for he knew he was about to be a hypocrite. But he did and gained two abilities. He had acquired an ability that made him feel inhuman. It was the ability to have metallic bones. With this ability it made him feel he was one of them, when he never wanted really he only wanted to seem human. John only used the formula so it would help them win the war. John spent his later years becoming stronger physically and mentally, trying his best to be a hero the world wants and the hero that the world needs.

Evolved Human Abilities

John has the ability to have have one's insides made up of machinery. He originally was able to predict the outcome of events, but lost it to Arthur Petrelli. Once John got injected himself, he regretted it after seeing his true form. He new this ability would help him throughout the war. Though it has, the evolved humans still continue to fight and win battles. He hated making this choice.

See Also

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